After a disappointing first round, Kelvin Gastelum really took the fight to Nicholas Musoke on the feet in the remaining ten minutes to earn a deserved unanimous decision victory tonight at UFC Fight Night 44.

Round One:

Musoke with a one-two combination to start. He lands a nice body kick. Another kick from Musoke.

A high kick up the middle glances Gastelum’s face. They clinch and Gastelum presses Musoke up against the cage and lands a nice knee. Musoke reverse the position only for Gastelum to do the same.

They continue to jockey for superior position against the cage and Musoke is looking for a takedown. He lands it and Gastelum sweeps. Musoke still manages to take his back though, but can’t keep Gastelum down.

Back on the feet now and Gastelum lands another takedown. He’s on Gastelum’s back and the TUF winner tries to shake him off, but doesn’t succeed.

Musoke continues to be latched onto his back and is being patient from this position as we head into the final minute of the opening round.

20 seconds to go and Gastelum spins out nicely and ends the round on top with a couple of solid punches. Nice round for Musoke though.

Round Two:

Gastelum with a right and a left to start, but is met with a counter from Musoke.

Nice body kick from Musoke. Gastelum misses with a couple of punches, but then lands with another right and left.

Musoke backing up for the first time in the fight and Gastelum unleashes a flurry of strikes as he tries to capitalize.

Musoke resets though and the pace slows a little. Gastelum lands a nice body kick. Good left hand connects for Gastelum.

Musoke with a few punches, but Gastelum is undeterred and cotninues to push the pace in this round. Left hand scores for Gastelum.

Another right hand for the TUF winner and as he wades forward with more Musoke backs up to the cage. He circles out to get away as Gastelum cotninues to come forward.

Two minutes of the round remaining and another body kick lands for Gastelum and Musoke is backing up again.

Leg kick for Gastelum and then a couple more punches upstairs. Musoke lands a jab to the chin. Nice uppercut for Gastelum.

Doubling up on the jab and a straight left from Gastelum. Very big body kick for him too, but Musoke eats it.

More punches for Gastelum and Musoke gets a little payback with a body kick before the round ends, but for the most part it was all Gastelum in the second and he looks very confident now.

Round Three:

Couple of punches miss for Gastelum and Musoke capitalizes by closing the distance and taking his back. He’s trying for a takedown, but is unsuccessful and something has opened up a cut to Musoke’s head.

Musoke again tries for the takedown, but nothing doing and they break part.

Gastelum back to pushing the pace and throwing punches. He lands a hard leg kick and Musoke hobbles on it for a moment.

Nice uppercut for Gastelum. Another wings just past his opponents head. He tries to land a front kick to the face.

Less than three minutes remaining and Gastelum clinches up with Musoke against the cage. They jockey for position and Gastelum lands a nice elbow on the way out.

Another solid body kick for Gatselum. He goes upstairs with a high kick, but slips to the mat in the process. Musoke doesn’t capitalize though and he gets back up.

Gatselum continuing to keep the foot on the gas as he takes the fight to Musoke. Musoke tries to respond with some strikes, but with a minute left Gastelum unleashes a barrage of body shots.

Now he’s back to the clinch, pressing Musoke against the cage. Musoke pushes him off and they go back to striking.

Musoke trying to muster something in the final 30 seconds, coming forwards with strikes, but nothing landing with too much behind it and Gastelum lands one final hard punch before the final bell.


The result seems fairly clear cut here and the judges call it right – 29-28 from all three for the winner Kelvin Gastelum.