Muhammed ‘King Mo’ Lawal hasn’t had his troubles to seek lately, but things just got a whole lot worse after he was released from his Strikeforce contract on the same day that he received a suspension for steroid use.

King Mo had attended a Nevada State Athletic Commission hearing yesterday after having tested positive for the banned steroid drostanolone following his victory over Lorenz Larkin at a Strikeforce event in January.

Lawal claims that he inadvertently took the steroid via a supplement he was using, but that didn’t help his case at the hearing as he landed a nine month suspension and was fined $39,000.

Afterwards Lawal let out his frustrations on Twitter, stating, “I shoulda stayed home! Lol. NSAC had they mind made up b4 we got there! Lol. All the research we did and disclosed to em! They ignored! LOL”

However, what really appeared to have infuriated him was a comment during the hearing from one of the commissioner’s in attendance, Pat Lundvall.

At one point she asks him if he read and write which Lawal, who graduated from college, found offensive and so on accused her of being “a racist b!tch”.

Though he later deleted the comment the damage had already been done and just hours a statement emerged from Strikeforce revealing that they had cut the fighter from his contract.

“Following the outcome of today’s hearing with the Nevada State Athletic Commission and his subsequent reaction, STRIKEFORCE has released Muhammad Lawal from his contract,” Scott Coker said in a brief statement.

This marks the latest chapter in what’s been a diabolical start to 2012 for the former Strikeforce light-heavyweight champion. In addition to all his other woes Lawal has also been battling a serious staph infection that occured while he was in hospital for a routine knee operation.

The infection became so bad that it became life-threatening and required fourteen further surgeries in order to bring it under control, while Lawal was fitted with a catheter line to provide him with antibiotics 24hrs a day.

So it’s been an exceptionally trying time both physically and mentally for the fighter, and it’s going to continue to be now that he’s out in the wilderness from a fighting perspective, unable to compete until September and no longer competing under the Zuffa banner.

His best hope now is that this is just a temporary punishment from Zuffa and that he will be brought back in to the fold after a certain period of time as was the case with UFC star Miguel Torres when he made an inappropriate joke about rape on his Twitter account last year.

If you want to know more about the finer details of the case and hear the comments from the commissioner that infuriated Lawal then check out this audio from yesterday’s hearing provided courtesy of MMAWeekly.

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