Muhammed ‘King Mo’ Lawal showed off his punching power in his Bellator 142: Dynamite! light-heavyweight tournament semi-final against Linton Vassell, buckling his legs several time in the first round with hard shots which helped him to a convincing decision victory.

Round One:

Vassell throws first with a few feeler punches. Vassell again looking to throw and ‘King Mo’ counters with a big right hand and Vassell leg’s buckle momentarily. He’s rocked, but Lawal doesn’t pressure him, giving him time to recover.

Vassell tries to clinch and take the fight to the mat, but there’s nothing doing. ‘King Mo’ being surprisingly patient here despite hurting Vassell early. You’d think he’d want to get this fight over and done with, but on the other hand expending too much energy could be a problem.

They are back to feeling each other out here. Lawal lands a solid jab. Vassell targets the body and then a leg kick.

Another big right from ‘King Mo’ connects and Vassell is really feeling his opponent’s power in this first round. Lawal clinching now against the cage. He throws a left and right and then backs away.

Vassell utilizing the occasional knee. Vassell in trouble again now as ‘King Mo’ catches him again. This time Mo steps on the gas and unleashes a barrages of blows. Vassell’s legs threatening to give out again, but he hands on in there. Lawal slips on the canvas, recovers and lands another hammer blow that rocks Vassell.

Credit to Vassell, he’s had a bad first orund but he’s somehow still hanging in there and takes the fight to a second round.

Round Two:

Vassell starts with a few jabs. Lawal back to a patient boxing game. He lands a left. Vassell with a one-two. He’s trying the front kick to the face, but not quite connecting.

Straight right for Mo. Vassell with a left hand. Now he connects with a solid body kick. Another one gets under Lawal’s elbow. And a third. Then he shoves King Mo to the mat, but doesn’t attempt to follow him down.

Vassell continuing to exert more pressure as he needs to given that he may well have lost the first round by two points and keep in mind these tournament semi-finals are only two rounds. Vassell scores with a few leg kicks.

Solid left for ‘King Mo’ that knocks Vassell off-balance and he follows that up with a few more hard punches.

Vassell clinching and then lands a thumping takedown. He’s on top, but isn’t able to do anything with it and Mo gets back up. Lawal wants to prove he’s the superior wrestler and scores an immediate takedown in return.

Vassell quickly back upright, but King Mo clinches him against the cage. Now he takes the Brit down again. Vassell works to his feet in the final seconds of the round and Lawal throws a few last punches.


No doubt about the winner here. ‘King Mo’ hurt Vassell repeatedly in this fight without taking too much damage in return and he gets the decision victory and progresses to the final later this evening.