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Let’s Relive Mike Goldberg’s Unique Interpretations Of BJ Penn’s Nickname ‘The Prodigy’

Good old Mike Goldberg, he can always be relied upon to deliver a blooper or two during his UFC commentaries, and live in front of millions of viewers watching ‘UFC On FOX 5’ on Saturday night he delivered one of his best yet.

“One of the most talented fighters ever to enter the Octagon is BJ Penn – ‘The Prodity,” Goldberg began.

To be fair he immediately recognized his mistake and took a second stab at it…

“…The Progigy…”

Oh dear. 

Goldberg was visibly rattled by this stage, Joe Rogan was looking on in disbelief and the show’s producer’s head could almost be heard thudding off his desk in the distance, but MG was bracing himself for another go and surely the third time would be a charm?

“…The Progidy,” he blurted out before sheepishly adding, “Pardon me!”

Is Goldie having some sort of a mental breakdown on live TV I wondered to myself with genuine concern as he looked down at the floor in despair, presumably willing it to swallow him up.

Then Rogan mercifully leapt in to break the ice.

“What’s his name?” he chuckled.

Off-camera two men in white coats were being ushered towards the commentary booth, Dana White was wielding a large axe above Goldberg’s head and Jon Anik was quietly rubbing his hands in glee.

“The Prodigy!” Goldberg answered with the greatest of care.

Ding! Ding! We have a winner!  Way to go Mike!

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