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Listen To ‘Rampage’ Jackson Call Up His Rival Rashad Evans Live On Twitch

Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson seems to be finding ways to amuse himself while a legal dispute with Bellator keeps him from fighting, with cold-calling people live on his Twitch stream being his latest prank.

Egged on by his Twitch followers who had been watching him play video games, ‘Rampage’ phoned up his rival Rashad Evans, but while the two fighters memorably engaged in an endless war of words while appearing as coaches on The Ultimate Fighter 10 back in 2009, and prior to their eventual fight at UFC 114 in 2010, judging by their latest conversation the hatchet is now well and truly buried.

The two chatted like old friends with ‘Rampage’ saying that Evans looked good despite his loss on Saturday night at UFC 192 given that he’d been out injured for two years, while ‘Suga’ confessed that he just felt slow out there and his body was always a step behind his mind.

Evans asked about Jackson’s legal issues and it seems that despite claiming that he was close to retiring in an interview earlier this week due to the ongoing problem, the UFC have since been in touch with him and convinced the former champion that he doesn’t need to do that.

Take a listen to the full conversation between them below, and if you scroll down you can also listen to another light-hearted call between ‘Rampage’ and MMA personality Ariel Helwani.

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