Lorenz Larkin TKO’s Santiago Ponzinibbio At UFC Fight Night 70

Very nice striking performance from Lorenz Larkin tonight in the co-main event of UFC Fight Night 70, outclassing Ponzinibbio on the feet with heavy leg kicks doing damage early, followed by hard punches in the second round that dropped the Brazilian and paved the way for a TKO victory.

Round One:

Ponzinibbio taking the center of the cage to start this fight as Larkin circles on the outside. Larkin the first to really let his hands go, marching forward with a series of punches followed by a kick.

A couple of leg kicks for Larkin and Ponzinibbio throws a few punches in response which results in Larkin backing away.

Another hard leg kick for Larkin. Hard push kick now that sends his opponent backwards. Jab for Ponzinibbio, but a harder, cleaner one from Larkin in response.

Little exchange in close. Hard leg kick for Larkin. Ponzinibbio misses a kick and Larkin shows him how it’s done with one of his own.

Ponzinibbio lands to the body then moves into the clinch against the cage with a little less than half the round to go. Larkin manages to get away from the clinch. He tries to get lose with a jumping spnning kick that doesn’t quite connect.

Ponzinibbio not quite finding his range at this stage, whereas Larkin has. Ponzinibbio with punches to set-up a takedown against the cage, but again Larkin does a good job of defending.

With a single-leg stuffed, Larkin goes back to landing that hard kick to the Brazilian’s lead leg and those have to be taking their toll now.

Punches from Larkin and then catches a body kick. One final leg kick lands and a huge uppercut just misses from Larkin as the round comes to an end.

Round Two:

Spinning kick from Larkin to start. Misses with a front kick attempt though. Ponzinibbio pushing forward aggressively,but still not making it work for him offensively. They exchange in close and Larkin gets the better of it.

Big right hand from Larkin and push kick. Spinning kick from Larkin, but doesn’t pay off. Ponzinibbio backs up Larkin and lands a few punches. Larkin fires back with a big strike and loses his balance in the process.

Fight heating up a bit now as Ponzinibbio starts to find his mark a bit more. Still getting punished by the leg kicks though.

Ponzinibbio with a couple of strikes, but then Larkin starts to unload and hurts his opponent with a left hand, and then a right follows which sends the Brazilian to the mat.

Credit to Ponzinibbio who’s still trying to stand under fire here. He does so on pure heart, but Larkin is still landing bombs and that’s it, the ref steps in to save Ponzinibbio from further punishment and it’s a good decision as he immediately staggers backwards on unsteady legs, clearly still rocked.

Big win for Larkin who really had the upper-hand in this fight from beginning to end.

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