Louis Smolka Submits Paddy Holohan In Main Event Of UFC Fight Night 76

Louis Smolka played spoiler tonight at UFC Fight Night 76 in Dublin, Ireland as he submitted local hero Paddy Holohan with a second round rear-naked choke.

Round One:

The main event of the evening is underway. Smolka with a leg kick as Holohan advances. Holohan in on an early takedown attempt against the cage. There’s a bit of a scrambles and Holohan does end up on top.

Holohan in side control and lands a knee to the midsection. Smolka scrambles and is looking for a submission from the bottom, but Holohan is ok and escapes. They quickly go back to the feet and the scrambles continue which ends up with Holohan bringing Smolka back down and he’s got his back.

Relentless work from both men and Holohan briefly is on top with Smolka on his back before they get back up. Holohan instantly looks to close the distance and in a flash they are back on the mat, this time with Smolka on top, but Holohan is working for a potential leg lock.

That doesn’t pay off, but they continue the scrambling clinic with Holohan reversing the position. Crazy action and they are back upright once again.

Smolka looking to land some strikes on the feet now. He catches Holohan with a solid punch and Holohan drops down for a takedown attempt. He’s working from his knees here, then stands again still trying to make it work. Not happening though and they break apart. Smolka unleashing some solid strikes here – he definitely seems to have the edge in the stand-up as the round comes to a close.

Round Two:

Holohan misses a leg kick. Smolka lands a straight right. Holohan responds with a punch. Smolka presses forward with a kick.

Just when it looks like they are happy to just stand and trade Holohan goes in for the takedown and ends up latched onto Smolka’s back. He gets his hooks in and then rolls onto his back. Holohan with the body lock and in a good position now with plenty of time to work.

Smolka to his knees, but Holohan is still very much attached and goes to his back again. He lands a few strikes trying to soften his opponent up for a rear-naked choke attempt. However before that can happen Smolka manages to spin around and ends on top.

Holohan looks to stand and Smolka works a guillotine choke attempt as they get upright. Holohan defending and goes back to the mat. Smolka no longer on the choke, but looking to lands some strikes from top position.

Holohan tries for an omaplata. Smolka shakes that off and remains on top. He’s really starting to land big ground and pound strikes and Holohan is starting to wilt here.

The crowd are roaring their support for Holohan, but Smolka gets into full mount and continues to rain down fire. Eventually Holohan gives up his back and Smolka sinks in the choke and forces the tap to hand Smolka the submission victory and silence the Irish crowd.

Big win for Smolka and a great back-and-forth contest overall to end the evening.

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