Luke Rockhold Submits Michael Bisping In UFC Fight Night 55 Headliner

Luke Rockhold wasn’t able to get the first round finish he’d predicted against Michael Bisping at UFC Fight Night 55, but he wasn’t far off of it, making his mark early in the second with a head kick followed by a submission finish.

Round One:

The main event of the evening is underway. Rockhold taking the center of the cage as Bisping throws a few early punches. Bisping lands a leg kick. More punches from Bisping, but he’s coming up a little short.

Rockhold lands a right hand and pushes forward, accidently landing a headbutt which unfortunately is in the same position above the left eye that Bisping suffered a cut in training very recently. Bisping complains and a stoppage occurs, but after a break they get back to it.

Bisping with a left – right combination and Rockhold counters with a right hand. Bisping catches a kick, but can’t get his opponent to the mat. Bisping having to reach with his punches against his rangier opponent. Bisping with a nice leg kick.

They exchange punches from close range. Rockhold throws a body kick that’s partially blocked. Soon after Rockhold lands another that connects fully. Suddenly Rockhold has picked up the pace and Bisping is on the backfoot now.

Bisping gets back to the center of the cage and holds his ground. He comes forward with a right hand and a kick behind it. Rockhold pressing forward just as the round comes to a close.

Round Two:

Bisping presses forward and eats a counter from Rockhold. Left hand lands for Rockhold. Front kick to the face just clips Bisping’s face Rockhold’s looking very confident here.

Rockhold goes upstairs with a big head kick and it’s rocked Bisping badly, dropping him to the canvas. Rockhold doesn’t give him any time to recover, following him down and landing punches.

Bisping looks dazed, but tries to get back to his feet. However, he leaves his neck exposed and Rockhold seizes on it, manhandling him as he siezes on the guillotine choke. He flips over on top of Bisping and with just one arm forces him to tap out! Excellent finish by Rockhold with only 57 seconds gone in the second round.

Despite all the trash-talking between them pre-fight, Rockhold and Bisping bury the hatchet immediately after the bout is over and seem to have mutual respect for each other as competitors.


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