Lyoto Machida KO’s Mark Munoz With A Head Kick At UFC Fight Night 30

Lyoto Machida marked his middleweight debut with a head kick KO of Mark Munoz tonight in the main event of UFC Fight Night 30 in the UK.

Round One

The main event is underway. Both men keeping their distance to start this one off. Munoz charges in with a strike, but Machida’s on his bike and it hits thin air.

A minute in and nothing landed yet. Close to two minutes gone and Munoz tries a takedown, but he’s too far out and doesn’t get ahold for Machida.

Machida finally lands a kick. Half-way through the round he lands another body kick, this time with more purpose close to the cage.

They go back to the cautious engagements again though. Machida uncorks another body kick.

Just when it seems like this fight isn’t going anywhere fast, Machida suddenly goes upstairs with a left head kick and it floors Munoz!

Machida follows him down to the ground, but noticing that his friend and training partner is still dazed he opts not to land any further blows and the referee jumps in to end the fight with 1.50mins of the first round gone.


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