Manny Gamburyan secured a unanimous decision win over Scott Jorgensen tonight at UFC Fight Night 71, providing the heavier offense on the feet and more takedowns over 15 minutes of fighting.

Round One:

Gamburyan takes the center of the Octagon and tries an early shot, but it doesn’t pay off. Back to the center of the cage they go and Gamburyan wades in with a few winging strikes.

Now it’s Jorgensen who goes for a big takedown, but Gamburyan scrambles. Both men scrambling here looking for a dominant position on the mat. In the end it’s Gamburyan who takes up position in Jorgensen’s guard.

Jorgensen looking to move to the cage and stand and does so with Gamburyan still pressing him against the cage. Gamburyan tries to take him down again and muscles him down, but only briefly. Jorgensen back up and reverses Gamburyan in the clinch against the cage, but then lands a low blow to the groin which forces a brief stoppage.

Back to it they go and Gamburyan gets dominant position in the clinch and then looks for the takedown, dumping Jorgensen to the mat, but is reversed quickly.

Jorgensen up and looking to load up with a few big punches and a knee, but then Gamburyan unleashes a huge blow that drops him. Jorgensen recovers though and then manages to get back upright under threat from Gamburyan.

Jorgensen again getting caught with a counter as he tries to land a home-run punch of his own. The round ends with Jorgensen just getting out of range of another big winging punch from his opponent.

Round Two

Nice couple of punches land for Jorgensen. Kick from Gamburyan, but it’s low to the groin and forces a short stoppage.

Gamburyan presses forward, but Jorgensen keeps him at bay for now with a jab. Gamburyan misses with a head kick, but lands a right hook.

Now Gamburyan presses in on a single leg against the cage and tries for the takedown, but Jorgensen gets away. JOrgensen with a body kick now.

Jorgensen tries for a single leg and Gamburyan goes for a guillotine choke, but as he drops with it, Jorgensen rolls out and ends up partially on top before they stand and break free.

Jorgensen comes up short with a few punches. Gamburyan also not quite finding the mark with a few strikes, but almost lands an upward elbow.

Gamburyan presses in on a takedown against the cage and Jorgensen defends. Gamburyan not giving up on this attempt and gets Jorgensen to his knees. Jorgensen scrambles up and soon after takes Gamburyan down. This time it’s Gamburyan’s turn to scramble and get back to a more dominant position with Jorgensen again trying to stand. He does so and presses his opponent to the cage just as the round comes to a close.

Round Three:

Leg kick for Manny to start the third. He clobbers Jorgesnen with a big left hook. Now a body kick. Jorgensen with a leg kick now.

Hard leg kick for Gamburyan and misses with another one. More leg kicks from Gamburyan and a right hand gets through for Jorgensen.

Body kick for Gamburyan. He lands with a left hand. Right for Jorgensen. Both men connect in a short exchange in close. Body punch for Jorgensen. left connects for Jorgensen.

Gamburyan scores with a left. He lands a hard leg kick now. Gamburyan lowers his stance, almost taunting his opponent for a moment. He dives into a takedown attempt, but it’s easily stuffed. Jorgensen lands a leg kick. He then gets caught by a left hand as he wades in for more.

More leg kick work from Gamburyan. A minute to go now with Gamburyan landing a solid one-two. He shoots in for the takedown and presses Gamburyan against the cage where Jorgensen looks to defend and keep this fight standing in the full 30 seconds. Jorgensen breaks free with 10 seconds to go and both men look to land some last offense without anything particularly meaningful finding a home.


Gamburyan gets the unanimous decision on the scorecards (30-27 x3).