Marcin Tybura Beats Blagoy Ivanov By Unanimous Decision At UFC Fight Night 218

Marcin Tybura outworked Blagoy Ivanov to earn a unanimous decision victory tonight at UFC Fight Night 218.

Round One:

Tybura faking leg kicks but not throwing one yet. Eventually a push kick to the body from Tybura. Now a light leg kick.

Tybura pumps out the jab without fully committing to it. Leg kick for him. Tybura with a right hand. Now a left.

leg kick for Tybura and finally a solid one-two from Ivanov. Leg kick for Tybura, avoids a punch and lands his own.

Quick one-two from Ivanov. Leg kick for Tybura. He lands a straight nicely. He tries that again but misses and leaves his chin out a bit, though Ivanov can’t quite find it.

Head kick attempt from Tybura. Now an inside low kick. One-two from Ivanov. Now a quick flurry by him that doesn’t really find a way through Tybura’s guard. Final body kick from Tybura.

Round Two:

Ivanov pumps out the jab and then lands a nice left hand. He lands again nicely. Jab for Tybura.

Solid body punch for Tybura. Swings and a miss from Ivanov. Jab for him. Straight from Tybura but he has to watch leaving his head hanging out there afterwards.

Solid body kick from Tybura. Jab for him. Good left hand for Ivanov and then one to the body for good measure. Leg kick from Tybura but it strays to the groin and forces a brief stoppage.

One-two for Ivanov. A couple of hooks to the body from Ivanov. Now a big left hook. Another left gets through for Ivanov.

Jab from Tybura. Solid body kick from Tybura and Ivanov fires back with punches. Tybura marches forward aggressively landing punches but then is off-balance a bit at the end as he over reaches on his strikes.

Calf kick for Tybura. A couple of flurries of hooks from Ivanov. Now a body punch from him. Body kick from Tybura.

Front kick to the body from Tybura to end the round.

Round Three:

Tybura changes it up to start the final round by immediately driving into a takedown attempt. He doesn’t get it immediately but Ivanov goes to a knee and Tybura gets a hook in as he looks to secure the back.

There’s some jockeying for position and Tybura does a solid job of stopping Ivanov from working back to his feet.

For a brief moment Tybura gets both hooks in on the back, but Ivanov moves back to his side and tries to post. Tybura takes his back and has it securely now, though he seems happy to stay there and ride it out rather than go for a submission finish.

Final few seconds and Ivanov finally manages to scramble to his feet, but that was Tybura’s round and we head to the scorecards.


Tybura was the busier fighter here and did well to work in his wrestling in the third round to further extend his lead and he earns a unanimous decision victory (30-27, 29-28 x2).

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