Marcin Tybura TKO’s Greg Hardy In Second Round At UFC Vegas 17

Marcin Tybura extended his winning streak to four fights with a ground and pound TKO victory over Greg Hardy tonight at UFC Vegas 17.

Round One:

Hardy with a low leg kick. Tybura looks to close the distance, but Hardy stifles him up against the cage and then gets back to striking range.

Right hook for Tybura. Inside leg kick from Hardy and Tybura responds in kind. Body punch for Hardy. Nice right hand from Hardy.

Looping left hand from Tybura doesn’t connect cleanly. Hardy works to the body again. Left hook for Hardy. Now a low leg kick.

Another low kick from Hardy, but this time Tybura throw a two-piece combo in response. Leg kick for Hardy and body kick from Tybura.

Slapping hook from Hardy. Tybura tries for a front kick to the body and Hardy catches it. Solid body shot from Hardy and then punches behind it to the head.

Another body shot for Hardy. Tybura trying for a right hand, but Hardy avoids. Counter left from Hardy. Now a powerful right hand.

leg kick attempt from Hardy, but Tybura catches it and works him over to the cage looking for a takedown. However, Hardy muscles him away.

Hardy starts to land a series of unanswered straight rights. Tybura does well to take those shots, but he can’t take too much more of that kind of punishment. Luckily for him Hardy doesn’t go all out for the finish and the end of the round comes without further incident.

Round Two:

Body punches for Hardy. Now a left hand upstairs. Oblique kicks from Tybura. Now a body punch for him. Tybura gets a left hand through now.

Counter right from Hardy. Hardy overcommits to a punch and Tybura lands a nice counter punch. Both men look to land and Hardy gets the cleaner connection with a hook.

Tybura tries for a takedown, but misses the legs as Hardy steps aside. Grazing left hook from Tybura. Another gets through, but with less power. Low leg kicks exchanged.

They trade punches and Tybura landed a hook in there. Now another hook for him. He thinks about a takedown again but nothing doing. Now a leg kick.

Hardy missing a hook. Tybura with a glancing hook and a missed uppercut. Now in on a takedown for Tybura against the cage. Hardy defending for now, but not for long as he manages to lift him up and bring him down.

Tybura in his world now in half guard. Knee strike to the body lands for him. Now there’s a series of punches from Tybura and Hardy is just covering up and looks out-of-his-depth from his back.

Tybura continues to chip away with punches and with Hardy showing no sign of trying to escape the referee steps in to hand Tybura a TKO victory at 4.31mins of the second round.

So, Hardy’s improving striking got him off to a good start, but he was breathing heavily by the end of the first round and in the second Tybura made the necessary adjustements to start gaining the upperhand in the striking exchanges and then found his opportunity to get him down and secure a ground and pound stoppage.

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