Mark Hunt KO’s Roy Nelson At UFC Fight Night 52

Mark Hunt won the battle of the heavyweight tonight at UFC Fight Night 52, sending Roy Nelson face first to the canvas with a big uppercut mid-way through the second round.

Round One:

We’re underway the in the main event. Hunt lands a big right in the first exchange. Hunt comes up short with another big right. Then Nelson goes for a takedown, but can’t get finish it. Nelson throws a right, but Hunt backs away out of range.

Eye poke to Nelson forces a brief stoppage, but he’s ok to continue. Hunt lands a body kick. Nelson comes pressing forward and uncorks an overhand right, but Hunt takes it. Hunt with a solid leg kick. Nelson with another huge overhand, but Hunt nicely avoids it.

Hunt closes the distance and lands a good uppercut. Nelson presses forward, but comes up short with a couple of heavy blows. Nice right hand from Hunt. He looks for more punches but misses.

Nelson putting a lot into an overhand, but doesn’t connect. Nelson just leans back out of range of a hook from Hunt.

Kick from Hunt lands. Both men just missing as they move out of the way of each others offense. Final 30 seconds and Nelson lands a good leg kick. Nelson ducks a punch from Hunt and counters with a right hook.

Round Two:

Punches miss from both men, but Nelson does then connect. Nelson swoops in on a takedown attempt and this time he lands it and hops onto Hunt’s back. He slips over the top though and they go back upright.

Upper cut and left hook lands for Hunt and Nelson counters with a right. Nice jab for Nelson. He lands a leg kick. Hunt with an uppercut.

Another uppercut just wings past Nelson’s head. Another punch lands for Hunt and stiffens up Nelson’s legs just for a brief moment. Nelson reaches for a takedown then decides against it.

Another good punch for Hunt who’s had some success this round. Another blow lands for him and behind his thick beard it looks like Nelson’s nose is bloodied.

Hunt just feeling out with his left hand and then as Nelson ducks down he connects with a big uppercut and Nelson stops in his tracks for a moment and then lands face first onto the canvas.

Wow! Hunt just did what so many others have failed to – he’s knocked out Roy Nelson with 3.00mins of the second round gone!

A huge win for Hunt then in his return to Japan, but in typical fashion the ‘Super Samoan’ just casually walks away after the knockout as if it was no big deal.


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