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Mark Hunt Rants After USADA Show Up For Drug Test

Mark Hunt isn’t USADA’s biggest fan right now, so when they showed up to do an out-of-competition test earlier this week he put them on full blast.

“Don’t fuck*n waste my time with your bullsh*t testing ok,” Hunt ranted on Facebook. “Why are u even testing when u f*ckers don’t do sh*t about it take your out of competition testing and stick it up your ass cheating motherf*ckers what a bunch of w*nkers.”

This isn’t the first time Hunt’s anger has boiled since learning that Brock Lesnar had tested positive for PED’s following his victory over ‘The Super Samoan’ at UFC 200 last month.

Hunt has been critical regarding what he deems to be a lack of suitable punishment for drug offenders, even although the UFC now has one of the most strict anti-drug policies in professional sports, which means that Lesnar is now facing a two year ban from fighting.

However, when fan on Hunt’s Facebook attempted to suggest that perhaps he’d be better channeling his energy more constructively, the 42 year-old fighter gave him an earful too.

“Idiots,” Hunt replied. “Like I don’t understand its just a matter of time before someone dies and u think your stupid ass would be still talking like that stfu dummy.”

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