Mark Hunt suffered a one-sided defeat at the hands and elbows of Stipe Miocic this past weekend at UFC Fight Night 65 in Australia, but ‘The Super Samoan’ doesn’t appear to be feeling sorry for himself and told a New Zealand news crew that he, “took the beating like a man.”

Hunt described the five rounds of punishhment he endured as, “A hard night at the office,” in his interview with 3News and pointed to his cardio as the reason for the fight unfolding the way it did, noting that, “you can’t get low energy levels and tired, especially in my profession at the top of the world.”

Despite receiving a record 361 punches which left his face badly swollen and bruised with one eye completely shut over, Hunt says he’s being checked out by a doctor and, “it’s only just facial,” and that, “the structure is fine,” while joking that, “a bit of make-up and it’ll be alright.”

At the age of 41 you could be forgiven for thinking that a fight like that might be a signal that it’s time to retire, or at least take an extended vacation, but by the sounds of things Hunt wants to get back to business sooner rather than later.

“It’ll take me a couple of weeks before the bruising goes down and I’ll be back to normal again, so probably back to training again in three weeks.”