Angry Mark Hunt Still Threatening To Walk Away From UFC

mark hunt ufc 200

Mark Hunt has been fuming since he learned that Brock Lesnar tested positive for a performance enhancing drug after their fight at UFC 200 earlier this month, and he’s continuing to direct much of his frustration at the UFC.

Despite the UFC having brought USADA on-board to oversee their strict new drug-testing procedures last year, Hunt still feels that not enough is being done to eradicate cheaters from the sport.

“It’s an unsafe working environment,” Hunt told the New Zealand Herald. “They’re doing nothing about cheating or performance-enhancing [drugs]. They’re helping it, they’re condoning drugs, is what I think. I think there should be some criminal [charges]. Every other sport has it sorted out. Every other sport frowns on cheats and drugs.

“It’s a pattern here, and probably the next time – if I did fight – I could die. I have nothing against fighting, obviously, I love what I do. If it’s an even playing field then it makes it fair… the guy was caught doping and he gets my [heavyweight ranking] position of No 8 and he gets all the money, it’s ridiculous.

“At the end of the day it’s all about the revenue they make and we’re the ones who lose out.”

Hunt has now faced three fighters in recent times who have tested positive for PED’s, with the other two being Frank Mir and Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva, so he certainly does have a right to be angry with the situation.

In fact, he’s reached the stage where he’s actually threatening to walk away from the UFC.

“I don’t know man… I’m not going to work for a company that treats me like a bit of rubbish. I’m a human being, I need to be treated fairly like everyone else.

“I would be walking away from a lot. If they don’t sort something out… but you probably won’t see me working for the UFC again.”

While it’s easy to understand his frustations, some of Hunt’s arguments don’t hold water under scrutiny.

For instance, the UFC’s punishments for drug offenders have never been stricter, with Lesnar expected to be banned from the sport for two years as a result of his positive test. Repeat offenders are dealt with even more harshly to the tune of a four year ban.

Also, in relation to any potential fines that Lesnar may receive, they will actually be overseen by the Nevada State Athletic Commission, so the UFC wouldn’t profit from this.

It’s worth noting that Hunt actually received by far his biggest payout to date after accepting the fight with Lesnar, jumping from his usual $160,000 fight purse to $700,000 – one of the biggest UFC basic salaries ever.

Hopefully Hunt won’t completely burn his bridges with the UFC, but at the age of 42, perhaps he’s now starting to think about retirement anyway.

Whatever happens, it doesn’t appear ‘The Super Samoan’ is going to go quietly.

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