Mark Hunt TKO’s Antonio Silva In First Round At UFC 193

Mark Hunt produced a definitive finish in his rematch with Antonio Silva tonight at UFC 193, with a right hand behind the ear delivering a first round TKO victory.

Round One:

Hunt lands an early leg kick. He’s taken the center of the Octagon for now. Silva with a low front kick attempt. Hunt targets the body with a punch.

Slow start in the opening 90 seconds. Silva with a body kick. Hunt charges forward and lands a hard punch, though Silva connects on a counter as Hunt moves away again. Hard leg kick from Hunt.

Powerful body kick from Hunt as Silva moves on the outside. Leg kick from Silva. He steps into a knee to the body. Leg kick for Hunt, body kick for Silva.

Another leg kick for Silva. Hunt suddenly gets in close and lands a two piece combo, with the hook in particular finding the mark. Hunt lands another big right hand that lands behind the ear and Silva sinks to his knees. And that’s it, the ref’s handed Hunt the TKO victory at 3.41mins of the first round.

The finishing punch almost seemed to graze Silva’s head, but the placement behind the ear clearly contributed to Silva’s legs giving out from under him.


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