Marlon Vera KO’s Frankie Edgar In Final Round At UFC 268

Marlon Vera certainly didn’t have it all his own way against Frankie Edgar tonight at UFC 268, particularly on the mat, but in the final round his constant pressure paid off when a big front kick landed cleanly and floored the veteran for a KO finish.

Round One:

Leg kicks and a few punches being exchanged to start. Vera with a kick and Edgar attempts a takedown, but it’s stuffed.

Short flurry from Edgar. He lands an inside leg kick and then another flurry upstairs. Again with the leg kick. Vera with a kick attempt that’s caught, but Edgar can’t manufacture a takedown off of it.

Punch lands for Edgar as Vera was letting his hands go too. Head kick attempt from Edgar is blocked. Edgar in on a takedown and this time he lands it in the center of the Octagon with Vera working a guillotine attempt. Edgar is in half-guard though and Vera gives up on that attempt quickly.

Edgar posturing up and then dropping down some elbows and punches as he goes back into full guard. Vera with a few elbows from his back.

Edgar punching to the body. Vera still staying active off his back with strikes. Edgar with punches to the head and body.

Edgar postures up. Vera with rapid-fire upkicks and some of those connect and Edgar has to drop back down into the guard to escape that.

Edgar lands an elbow. he postures and lands a couple more elbows. Edgar looking to end the round with a few more punches and just after the round ends Vera throws another upkick, which Edgar didn’t like and lets the ref know about it.

Round Two:

leg kick from Vera. Right hand for Edgar. Edgar wades in throwing punches and Vera lands a counter too. Body kick from Vera.

Edgar feels out for a takedown, but doesn’t follow through on it. Vera with a knee to the midsection, but Edgar works a takedown off of that in the center of the Octagon again.

Edgar posturing up and Vera’s quick upkicks are a threat again so he has to go back down. He soon is posturing again though and Vera is looking to get space again. Eventually Vera is able to scramble out and get back upright.

Vera lands as they get back to the striking range. Edgar catches a leg again, but can’t get the takedown this time.

Nice one-two from Edgar on the outside. One-two from Edgar, but Vera lands a good high knee.

Vera with a jumping knee now and Edgar stumbled for a moment as he tries to escape this pressure.

Front kick to the body from Edgar. Outside calf kick from Edgar. he lands one to the inside of the leg too.

Vera misses with a front kick as Edgar stays mobile. One-two for Edgar. Front kick to the body from Vera. he looks for another kick.

Clipping punch from Vera and Edgar is on shaky legs for a couple of seconds, but recovers and avoids another knee strike and survives to the end of the round. Vera taunts him afterwards.

Round Three:

Body kick for Edgar. Vera just missing with a few strikes. Body punch from Edgar. Front kick to the body from Vera and a punch behind it.

Inside leg kick from Edgar. Side kick to the body for Vera. Edgar tries for a takedown and it’s stuffed.

A couple of punches land for Vera. Right hand for Edgar. Body work from Edgar. Front kick to the body for Vera.

Body punch and one upstairs that just grazes the target from Edgar. Vera pressing forward. He lands a punch as Edgar tries for a front kick.

Vera lands again. Edgar with a lot of movement, but not landing too much in the round so far. Edgar loses his mouthpiece and that forces a very brief stoppage.

Vera lands a nice left as he keeps the pressure on. Edgar works a takedown, but Vera battles back up immediately and gets away.

Edgar with a brief flurry of punches to the head. Vera with a front kick upstairs and it lands, sending Edgar stumbling forward onto his knees rocked and the ref rushes in to save him from further punishment for the KO finish at 3.50mins of the final round.

Edgar is still conscious and immediately protests the stoppage, but as he gets to his feet he is still on unsteady legs. Big win for Vera and worryingly for the 40-year-old Edgar that’ll go down as his second KO loss in a row.

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