Mateusz Gamrot TKO’s Diego Ferreira With Knee Strike At UFC Fight Night 199

Mateusz Gamrot was engaged in a high paced battle with Diego Ferreira tonight at UFC Fight Night 199 up until a knee to the ribs on the mat in the second round hurt his opponent and led to the TKO stoppage.

Round One:

leg kick from Ferreira. Both men throw strikes at close range. Ferreira with a leg kick and then one upstairs. Head kick attempt from Gamrot.

They exchange leg kicks. Leg kick from Gamrot. Now one to the body. Gamrot drives into a takedown, scrambles to the back and gets on top for a moment before Ferreira pops back up.

Back to striking they go. Calf kick from Gamrot. Inside calf kick from Ferreira. Another brief grappling exchange as Gamrot shoot in again and there’s an immediate scramble before returning to the feet.

Front kick to the body from Ferreira. Body kick from Gamrot and one in response from Ferreira.

Jab and a kick from Gamrot and then has to back up as Ferreira drives forward. Both men look to exchange and Gamrot lands a nice right hand and then follow-up punches behind it.

Big takedown from Gamrot. he lands a couple of strikes on top as Ferreira again manages to scramble quickly to his feet.

They both look to land at the same time and Gamrot seemed to land the cleaner punch there. However Ferreira then bites down on his gumshield and lands a couple of nice punches. Big strike for Ferreira but Gamrot says it came off his shoulder.

Round Two:

Jab for Gamrot and Ferreira responds with punches and a kick behind it. Nice right hand counter from Gamrot.

Now a jab from Gamrot. Gamrot tries to go for a takedown and has to abort that attempt on his knees and Ferreira almost lands a head kick as he’s rising back up.

left hand for Ferreira. Gamrot again in on a takedown and Ferreira looking to stuff it, then immediately is back to scrambling impressively as his opponent tries to get on top and gain some control. Ferreira just to agile here and after a series of scrambles gets back upright.

One-two for Ferreira. Now a kick to the leg. He swings an overhand and misses. Right hand for Gamrot. he lands a quick right hand and shoots for a takedown that is stuffed.

Solid one-two for Ferreira. Straight right from Gamrot. Single leg takedown from Gamrot, Ferreira scurries over to the cage on one knee.

Gamrot lands a knee to the ribs and Ferreira winces in pain and motions to the referee. It looks like he might be verbally submitting, but Gamrot doesn’t realize and seizes upon a rear-naked choke and falls back with it, but the ref is already stepping in to wave off the fight for a TKO finish at 3.26mins of the second round.

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