What a great fight to end UFC Fight Night 40 as Matt Brown put on a show for the fans, surviving some big body shots from Erik Silva that may have stopped lesser men, before taking the fight to the Brazilian and overwhelming him with a relentless attack that finally culminated in a third round TKO stoppage.

Round One:

The main event of the evening is underway. Brown out quickly, but Silva tries to keep him at bay with a kick to the knee.

Brown undeterred though and lands a good head kick and then flurries with punches against the cage.

Silva clinches and goes for the takedown. Brown reverses though and gets back up.

Silva lands a big kick to the body and Brown winces in pain as he sinks to the canvas.

Silva takes his back, looking for the rear-naked choke. It’s almost turned into a crank now, but whatever the case, Brown isn’t tapping.

Eventually Silva gives up on the choke, but keeps attached to his back.

With two minutes of the round remaining Brown finds space to get back up to his feet.

Suddenly it’s Brown who’s got the momentum as he lands an elbow strike and punches that seems to have Silva hurt and backing up rapidly.

The crowd are going crazy here as Brown hunts the still hurt Silva down and blasts him with strikes. Good elbows and knees from him and Silva looks like he could collapse at any moment.

Somehow he keeps standing under the continued onslaught though and manages to back away a little. Brown’s in no mood to give him a respite though and moves forward with another barrage of blows against the cage that Silva can only cover up and hope to endure.

Brown’s manhandling him down to the mat and then waiting for him to get back up to deliver more punishment.

Crazy round, but somehow Silva survives until it ends.

Round Two:

Brown practically runs out at the start of the second and is immediately pouring on the offensive output with big strikes and Silva doesn’t look like he’s really fully recovered from what happened in the first.

Credit to Silva for staying in there though. Brutal stuff from Brown as he lands nasty elbows and big knees.

Silva seems almost spent, but he musters up the energy for a body kick. He lands another one and Brown is wincing in pain again!

Silva tries to seize the moment, but Brown is exceptionally tough and fights through the pain, managing to land a takedown and gets his opponent in the crucifix and lands punches. Then he changes things up looking for a potentail brabo choke – Great action here and the fans are loving it!

Eventually Brown ends up with an armbar attempt, but Silva rolls out of it and manages to get on top, gratefully using that as an opportunity to catch a breather and after shaking off a triangle attempt he maintains top position and survives another round.

Round Three:

Brown back to pressuring Silva again early in the third. Strikes back Silva up against the cage and Brown lands some more big knees from there.

Despite absorbing more punishment Silva stays standing until Brown opts to take him down to the mat. He postures up and lands a big punch and then soon after a series of nasty elbows, one of which opens up a big cut.

Standing over Silva now, Brown lands a flurry of punches and Silva decides he’s finally had enough, turning over to his side almost turtled up and the referee steps in to put an end to his misery.

Terrific win for Brown showing tremendous guts and determination to come back from a rough start to completely turn the tables and hand Silva a one-sided beatdown.