Matt Brown owned his fight with Mike Swick tonight at ‘UFC On FOX 5’ from start to finish, finishing up with a spectacular knockout in the second round.

In the opening minute Brown swarmed forward a couple of times with punches that had Swick back-peddling quickly.

Pressing in again Brown swooped down and grabbed hold of a leg and dumped Swick to the floor. Then he was able to lock in a d’arce choke, but though it looked secure Swick stayed patient and eventually worked out of it, and he was now on top.

Brown was showing a great submission game off his back though and before Swick was able to do much with the position he caught him in a triangle choke.

That could have been the end for a lesser fighter, but Swick smartly used his legs to make life difficult for Brown. It was still a dangerous position, but he gradually worked out of danger once again and got up to his feet.

Rounding off a strong round for Brown he was able to land a few hard elbows up against the cage.

Early in the second round Brown was again the aggressor on the feet, landing his strikes, while Swick wasn’t quite finding the pace of the fight and looked hesitant. He was able to lock up the muay thai clinch briefly and landed a few knees, but Brown just walked through it unphased and they clinched up against the cage.

Breaking free they got back to striking with Swick missing with a hook. Brown countered and landed a big right hand that by itself was enough to topple Swick over, but he managed to follow it up with an equally hard left as he fell, knocking him out brutally 2.31mins into the second round.

This was a terrific performance from Brown, one of his best ever, while by equal measures it was a surprisingly lackluster one for Swick.