Jake Ellenberger finally rediscovered his form tonight with an impressive TKO victory against Matt Brown on the main card of UFC 201 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Round One:

Ellenberger steps in quickly and immediately floors Brown with a massive right hand. Brown isn’t out though and he defends as Ellenberger looks for a finish on the mat.

Brown is able to work up to his feet against the cage. Ellenberger connects again. Brown is able to trip Ellenberger up.

Back on the feet and Brown lands a one-two that gets Ellenberger’s attention. Ellenberger backs up and looks to be trying to gets his wind back.

Just as Brown is starting to work his way into this fight, Ellenberger lands a thumping liver kick and Brown collapses to the canvas.

Brown is trying to fight through the pain, but that’s easier said than done, especially with Ellenberger dropping down bombs on him, and that’s it, the referee’s seen enough and ends the fight, handing Ellenberger a desperately need TKO victory at 1.46mins of the first round.

That’s a huge win for Ellenberger who had lost five of his previous six fights and was almost certainly going to be released from the promotion if he had lost again tonight.

Instead he’s produced one of his best ever performances in the Octagon and took out an extremely tough veteran in Brown, who now slides to his fourth loss in his last five outings.