Matt Hughes All-But Confirms That He’s Retired

UFC hall-of-famer Matt Hughes has all-but confirmed that he is going to retire from the sport in a new interview.

“I’ve not announced my retirement, but right now it looks like I’m fully retired,” Hughes revealed to ‘The Daily Gate City’ newspaper.

“The UFC still treats me well so I can be retired. It’s just funny, when God puts you on a road, you don’t know where you are going. I have all the faith that he put me there, and I have to thank him from that.”

Earlier in the year Hughes had spoken to UFC president Dana White about potentially getting back into the Octagon back-to-back first round knockout losses to BJ Penn and Josh Koscheck, but White was not receptive to the idea and has made it clear he thinks it’s time for the 39 year-old to hang up his gloves.

Whatever he decides to do Hughes will go down as a legend in the sport, having won the welterweight title on two separate occasions, defending it a total of seven times and compiling an overall record of 45-9.


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