Matt Mitrione KO’s Derrick Lewis In 41 Seconds At UFC Fight Night 50

Derrick Lewis came into his bout at UFC Fight Night 50 with a reputation as a heavy hitter, but it was Matt Mitrione who proved to be the more dangerous man on the night, taking under a minute to knock him out.

Round One:

Mitrione light on his feet to start this one. He steps in with a couple of punches down the pipe, but Lewis ducks out of the way.

The two men collide and Mitrione lands a clipping hook to the jaw with his forearm also connecting behind it and Lewis buckles to the canvas.

Mitrione unloads some heavy blows to his grounded opponent. Lewis tries to get up, but he’s eating huge shots and that’s it, Lewis goes limp momentarily and the fight is over in short order – just 41 seconds on the clock!

That’s two first round knockout victories for Mitrione in a row now and he’ll be hoping that can help him work his way towards a spot on the heavyweight top 15 rankings.


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