Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua TKO’s Tyson Pedro In Final Round At UFC Fight Night 142

Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua had to survive a challenging first round against Tyson Pedro tonight at UFC Fight Night 142, but the veteran showcased his grit and determination to stay in the fight and then gradually turn the screw on his younger opponent, who appeared to suffer some kind of leg injury during the final round that enabled the Brazilian to land some hard shots and emerge with a TKO victory.

Round One

Kick from Shogun avoided by Pedro. Shogun taking the center of the cage for now. Sudden quick one-two from Pedro stumbles Shogun, but he rights himself and lands a hard punch of his own.

Pedro into the clinch and seems ok. Back to striking range they go. Pedro working feints. Leg kick for Shogun. Right hand for Pedro and Shogun looks to counter.

Quick jab and a straight behind it from Pedro. Kick from Shogun. Front kick attempt from Pedro and then a punch.

Big strike from Pedro hurts Shogun. He’s landing big knees here. Shogun backing up against the cage and Pedro still punching. Shogun’s legs give out for a moment and Pedro thinks about a takedown and then decides against it.

Back to striking range now. Pedro tries a kick but falls to the mat with it and eats a punch as he gets back up. Shogun bloodied but still in the fight.

Pedro working knees and uppercuts now in-close. Pedro drops down with a kimura attempt, but doesn’t lock it up properly and Shogun escapes and ends the round on top.

Round Two:

Overhand right from Shogun staggers Pedro for a moment. Shogun with punches to get into the clinch and gets the body lock as he tries to work around to his back against the cage.

Shogun does take Pedr’s back now and pulls him to the mat. Pedro threatening with the kimura and Shogun staying patient here. Pedro tries to use the submission attempt to execute a sweep, but Shogun stuffs that and stays on top.

Shogun in side control here and taking his time with half the round remaining. Not a whole lot happening here from either man as the ref warns them to stay busy.

Shogun chipping away with short punches to the head. Pedro gets to his knees and stands back up in the final minute of the round. He goes back to one knee and then stands up again as Shogun knees the back of his legs.

Shogun dragging him back down and landing more ground and pound blows. Shogun thinks about a rear-naked choke attempt but doesn’t go for it and instead ends the round on top.

Round Three:

Shogun lands a leg kick. Suddenly Pedro’s leg buckles without having been hit. Only moments later Shogun lands a hard punch and as Pedro puts his foot down it completely gives way and he drops to the mat.

Shogun glady capitalizes on this as he follows Pedro to the mat and starts raining down hard punches to the head of his covered up opponent. The ref hovering over the action here and as the punches continue to land he steps in and waves the fight off, giving Shogun an important TKO victory with 43 seconds of the third round gone.

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