Max Holloway extended his unbeaten run to eight fights this evening at UFC 194 with a unanimous decision victory over Jeremy Stephens in Las Vegas.

Round One:

Stephens with an early leg kick. Now another one from him. A brief lull and then he just skiffs on another powerful kick. Holloway remains patient on the outside.

Holloway looks to come in and another kick comes his way. This time he presses in and lands a body kick of his own. Holloway targets the body with a punch and a front kick. Exchange of kicks from both men.

Low leg kick from Stephens. He tries to go upstairs to. Short combo from Holloway and a counter from Stephens. Right hook connects for Holloway.

Solid body kick from Holloway and Stephens tries to catch it, then settles for moving into the clinch instead. He presses Holloway to the cage and starts to work for the takedown. Holloway staying calm in the position though and defending for now.

Eventually Holloway manages to break free and gets back to striking range. Front kick from him as he backs his opponent up. LEg kick from Stephens. Stephens with an uppercut that comes up a little short.

Leg kick from Stephens as Holloway tries to land with punches. Leg kick from Stephens knocks Holloway slightly off-balance. Right hook from Holloway. He tries an overhand, but Stephens avoids and clinches. He pushes Holloway to the cage and Holloway lands a knee just as the round ends.

Round Two:

Leg kick from Stephens. He rips to the body with a punch. Holloway comes in and Stephens wings a few hooks his way. Nice kick for Holloway.

Leg kick for Holloway now. He tries for the one-two but doesn’t find the mark. Little counter punch from Holloway as he glides away from Stephens offense.

Both men connect in an exchange. Spinning attack to the body from Holloway, but it’s partially blocked and then Stephens clinches and forces him to the cage. Stephens hoping to work the takedown, but Holloway showing strong takedown defense so far in the fight and does so again.

Holloway moves away. Stephens misses with a big swing and then they fire off punches at close range for a moment. Big leg kick for Stephens. He ducks in on a takedown attempt, but nope, Holloway remains standing and Stephens has to settle for the cage clinch for now.

Holloway away and cracks Stephens with a right hand along the way. Holloway misses a punch and Stephens reaches for the single leg. Holloway hops on one leg and keeps upright. Stephens back to the clinch against the cage, but Holloway spins out and away.

Leg kick from Stephens. He lands a front kick and that’s the end of the round.

Round Three:

Leg kick for Stephens. Left hand for Holloway. Stephens to the body with a kick. Holloway steps into a knee to the body. Head kick attempt from Stephens is blocked.

Uppercut from Holloway and then he opts to clinch and lands a takedown. Stephens wasn’t expecting that. Holloway lands a punch. He improves to side control close to the cage here. Stephens to his knees, but Holloway immediately gets to his back. He tries to sink in a rear-naked choke. Stephens defends and brings him back to half guard.

Elbow lands for Holloway. He gets to Stephens back again and rolls underneath him as he hunts for the rear-naked choke. Stephens looks to defend as Holloway continually switches arms trying to get under his chin.

Stephens scrambles and gets back to his feet, pressing Holloway against the cage. Holloway moves away and they get back to striking. Left hand lands for Holloway and Stephens returns with a hook.

Holloway charges forward and tries to trip Stephens, but it doesn’t pay off. Stephens with a punch and a body kick. Stephens charges into a takedown and almost gets him down, but Holloway is straight back up.

Holloway lands with a spinning elbow. He tries to land a flying knee as Stephens unleashes a couple of punches. With about 15 seconds to go Stephens starts swinging wildly looking for a finish, but Holloway is moving away from these shots and targeting him with a piston-like straight right. They both go at it right to the bell, making for an exciting finish.


Holloway seemed to have the edge throughout the fight and did well to shut down Stephens wrestling while even managing to land a takedown of his own in the closing stages of the third round and he earns himself a unanimous decision victory (30-27 x2, 29-28).