Max Holloway Stuns Jose Aldo With Third Round TKO At UFC 212

Max Holloway became the new undisputed featherweight champion of the world tonight at UFC 212 as he dethroned Jose Aldo by way of a third round TKO.

Round One:

The main event featherweight title unification bout is underway in Rio de Janeiro.

The two fighters just circle each other for the opening minute. Both know just how dangerous their opponent is.

Holloway tries to land a right hand to the head, but doesn’t connect and works a left to the body instead.

One-two for Holloway is avoided by the backtracking Aldo. Right hand for Aldo. Both men missing as they come in close, but Holloway lands with a left hook on the way out.

Aldo connects with a punch and then marches forward with a piston-like flurry of punches that backs Holloway up against the cage and then crashes in a big flying knee as well for good measure.

Holloway under pressure but manages to get his back off the cage and moves to the center again having survived that bombardment.

The pace lulls for now. Aldo with a body punch. He ducks under a punch from Holloway.

Nice body shot and then a punch upstairs for Aldo. Holloway’s punches in return look a little less clean than we’re used to seeing from him. Aldo has settled into his rhythm quicker in the fight.

Spinning kick to the midsection for Holloway in the final seconds of the round.

Round Two:

Solid liver punch from Aldo. Holloway looking for the right hgand. Hard one-two from Aldo. Another right hand for him. Holloway with a right now too.

Aldo avoids a right with good head movement and then blasts back with a counter flurry. A couple of hooks from Holloway. Now he unleashes a combination that backs up the champion.

Aldo evades a couple more strikes. Holloway picking up the pace and loosening up now though. Nice right hand for Holloway. Aldo wasn’t able to dodge the artillery that time.

Exchange in close and Aldo got the better of that one. Another hard punch from the Brazilian in the pocket.

Holloway still pressuring Aldo with his punches though. Solid jab for Aldo. Good body kick for Holloway. Jab for him.

Jab for Aldo. Big uppercut and a right hook for Aldo. Holloway suddenly taunting Aldo, holding his hands out ot the side. He’s getting fired up, but Aldo is too and he lands a spinning kick to the body and a punch behind it that forces his opponent to hit reverse gear.

Round Three:

Aldo threatening with a knee as Holloway comes forward. Body punch from Holloway. Straight punches from Holloway are blocked. However a right hand lands over the top. Another couple of punches connect and get Aldo’s attention.

Punch for Aldo. left hand for Holloway and a counter knee to the body from Aldo. Into the clinch and Holloway lands a punch on the way out.

Right hook for Holloway. Both men land jabs at the same time.

Holloway unleashes a four punch combo down the pipe and drops Aldo!! Holloway follows him down and tries to go for the finish. He’s landing a few punches, but Aldo is doing his best to protect himself.

Just when Aldo seems to be weathering the storm Holloway lands a punch that seems to rock Aldo again. Holloway moves to mount and continues to attack.

Now Holloway takes his back, but Aldo defends that and Holloway goes back to the mount and rains down punches. Aldo turns and turtles up in the final minute.

Aldo says he’s ok, but he’s not defending the punches and that’s it, the ref has seen enough and waves off the fight – Max Holloway is your new undisputed featherweight champion!!

Wow, what a huge win for Holloway and that ushers in a new era for the 145lb division. Aldo had got the better of the early rounds, but Holloway started to turn the screw in the third and then got that crucial knockdown before pouring it on for the finish.

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