The main event of UFC Fight Night 74 ended in anti-climax fashion tonight in Canada after Charles Oliveira picked up a shoulder injury during a failed takedown attempt early in the first round, resulting in a TKO win for Max Holloway.

Round One:

The main event of the evening is underway. Oliveira with a high kick to start, but it comes up short. Holloway to starts to feel out with the jab and Oliveira lands a kick. holloway with a spinning kick. Now he’s looking for punches and lands to the body.

More body punches from Holloway and Oliveira is looking to land some leather of his own. Holloway with an uppercut then to the body again.

Oliveira pushes in on a takedown attempt, but it’s Holloway who stuffs that, pushes him to the mat and then backs away.

Holloway moving forward looking to engage, but Oliveira is holding his left shoulder and it looks like he’s picked up some kind of a freak injury. Holloway hesitates for moment, but then tries to continue, landing to the body, but Oliveira just isn’t engaging and sinks to the mat still holding his shoulder.

And that’s it, Oliveira isn’t fit to continue due to his damaged neck / shoulder and so Holloway gets an anti-climatic first round TKO victory with 1.39mins on the clock.

Oliveira stays down on the mat for some time due to the injury.  The medical team are clearly taking it seriously, so let’s hope that he’s ok and it’s nothing too major.