Former UFC fighter Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller posted $20,000 bail on Tuesday after being arrested on Monday for allegedly breaking into a church and vandalizing it while in the nude.

The troubled fighter is now out of custody and is waiting to find out what charges he’ll be facing over the incident.

In addition to the initial report that he had sprayed inside the church with a fire extinguisher, along with breaking picture frames and throwing CD’s and books on the floor it’s also now been reported that he’s suspected of having smashed several windows and sprayed neon green paint in the building’s office.

‘Mayhem’ showed no signs of being intoxicated when he was arrested.  On Saturday night his former boss, UFC president Dana White, indicated that the fighter was having a tough time and was on some form of medication.

Despite the damage done to the building, the church’s pastor appears to be in a forgiving mood.

“I’m not angry,” the pastor told K Cal 9 News.  “I’d love to talk to him.  You know, one of these days if there’s a chance I’d love to talk to him, because I want him to know that there’s a god that cares about him.”