The full cast for the next international edition of The Ultimate Fighter which pits Australia Vs the UK has now been announced.

There’s some fairly impressive pro-records amongst both camps of fighters who’ll be coached by George Sotiropoulos and Ross Pearson respectively.

The season gets underway on September 19th and airs on FX in Australia, while other fans can tune in at just the same as the previous Brazilian series.

Incidentally, When ESPN UK reupped their deal with the UFC for a further year last month it was believed that would mean that the season would also air on the channel, but so far that’s not been confirmed.

Check out the cast list below.

Team Australia


Grant Blackler (8-0 record)
Patrick Iodice (5-0)
Richie Vaculik (9-1)
Ben Wall (6-0)


Ben Alloway (12-3)
Xavier Lucas (8-3)
Manuel Rodriguez (9-3)
Robert Whitaker (9-2)

Team UK


Colin Fletcher (8-1)
Norman Parke (16-2)
Michael Pastou (9-2)
Mike Wilkinson (7-0)


Luke Newman (5-0)
Bola Omoyele (6-1)
Valentino Petrescu (12-2)
Brad Scott (8-1)