Michael Bisping And Luke Rockhold Get Heated During Sydney Press Event

Michael Bisping and Luke Rockhold are now set to fight at UFC Fight Night 55 in Sydney, Australia on November 8th and in a photo session down under today the two men got heated as they argued over their respective knockout records.

The cameras were rolling as the two confronted each other, with Rockhold saying something that wasn’t audible that appeared to annoy Bisping.

“I will f*ckin’ beat your face in right now like a f*ckin’ little boy,” Bisping told the former Strikeforce middleweight champion. “Like a little boy. You’re a kid. You’re a child.”

At that Rockhold moved towards him which prompted Bisping to warn him that he’d knock him out if he took another step closer.

“Who have you ever knocked out?” an exasperated Rockhold asked.

“Your boy [Cung Le] last week you f*ckin’ pr*ck” Bisping responded.

“You call that a knockout?” Rockhold laughed as security stepped in to separate the two men.

Then it was Bisping’s turn to quiz Rockhold on who he’d knocked out to why he replied Costas Phillipou, but ‘The Count’ dismissed that saying a body kick didn’t count.

And so it went on with both fighters mocking each others lack of knockout credentials.

For the record, the two men’s statistics show that Bisping has considerably more stoppage victories due to strikes over the course of his career – 15 to be exact from 25 wins – while Rockhold has 3 from 12 victories.

Rockhold is the only one who holds a clean knockout victory as opposed to a TKO though, coming when he stopped Keith Jardine at the tail end of his career back in 2012.

As for the number of times they’ve been finished inside the distance – they are actually equal in that regard with both having suffered just one clean KO and one TKO loss each.

Needless to say both men are convinced that they can switch out the others lights and they’ll have a chance to prove it when they meet in Australia in a couple of months time.

In the mean time, check the full back-and-forth verbal exchange between the two below.

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