With Michael Bisping’s recovery after recent knee surgery going well the middleweight contender’s thoughts have now turned to lining up his next fight in the UFC, and he’s got a couple of potential opponents in mind.

First on his list is ‘The All-American’, Brian Stann.

“I was speaking to Joe Silva quite recently, and I’m hoping to fight at UFC 152 in Toronto,” Bisping revealed on the UFC Tonight show. “[I suggested] a couple of potential matchups, one being Brian Stann. I know he’s got a shoulder injury, so I’m not sure if that will make it or not, but I’d like to fight Brian.

“He’s an incredible fighter and certainly somebody who would move me toward a title shot.”

Bisping also suggested he’d like to lock horns with another top contender, Alan Belcher.

“Alan Belcher is someone who has been calling me out for seems like forever now. And to be quite frank, I’m sick of it. So Alan Belcher, if your balls are big enough, call Joe Silva and let’s do it.”

Those are certainly two worthy opponents of the caliber Bisping needs to be fighting right now if he wants to line himself up for a potential title shot sooner rather than later, and the good news for him is that Stann has been quick to accept his challenge.

“My shoulder will be ready, fans want it, we always deliver, lets do it, funny on 4th of July we are talking about fighting!” Stann told his followers on Twitter.

While he’s not said anything yet, barring injury you’d have to think that Belcher would also be up for the opportunity so it’s now down to the UFC to decide.

To me it looks like a win-win situation as really you could name any combination of these three fighters and you’d have a great match-up.