The last time MMA sponsor ‘Ranger Up’ made a parody video directed at Michael Bisping it was prior to his fight with their fighter Jorge Rivera back in 2011.

Bisping took exception to being poked fun at and bad blood between the two men boiled over weeks later in the Octagon, with Bisping eventually winning by TKO, but not before landing a controversial illegal blow and spitting at Rivera’s corner.

Apparently undeterred, ‘Ranger Up’ are back kicking the hornet’s nest again in the build-up to Tim Kenndy’s encounter with Bisping with another parody video which you can watch below.

Needless to say, Bisping’s not thrilled about it.

“They do seem to have a hard on for me,” Bisping says of ‘Ranger Up’ in an interview with FOX Sports. “There’s the fact that their product is obviously so s–t that they have to latch onto me, a fighter that’s got nothing to do with their company, but they’ve got to latch onto me and take a bit of my star, a bit of my limelight without sounding like an a–hole to try and sell a f–king few of their sh–ty t-shirts and jeans.”

“I mean if you are bored enough like I am sometimes, you can go on their website and look at their clothing and holy s–t no wonder they’re trying to use me to sell some of it, because I don’t know who in their right mind would buy any of that s–t. It’s just f–king awful.”

“To be honest, it’s just a whole waste of time on their behalf. I don’t know what they hope to achieve from. They’re trying to make fun of me, I get that, but it was just an epic fail. An epic fail of all proportions. I didn’t think it was funny, I think it was just a big fat waste of their time. The fact that Ranger Up and Tim Kennedy, I think they’re one and the same, I don’t know that to be true, but I assume they’re one and the same — they’re doing just what Jorge Rivera did. Good for you, milk it. Milk it to the fullest potential because it’s over again for another few years until you have some other f–king d–khead that might want to fight me again.”

Bisping and Kennedy have been exchanging insults will have an opportunity to settle their differences in the main event of the TUF Nations Finale on April 16th.