Michael Bisping Outpoints CB Dollaway By Unanimous Decision At UFC 186

Michael Bisping managed to oustrike CB Dollaway tonight at UFC 186 to earn a unanimous decision win, but he did get dropped along the way during a competitive, entertaining middleweight encounter.

Round One:

A touch of the gloves and off they go. Both men feeling out with the jab. Bisping connects with his. Dollaway with a leg kick and then tries another which lands to the groin forcing an early stoppage.

A few deep breaths and Bisping is ready to continue. Bisping with the jab again and another kick from Dollaway. Bisping with a kick to the upper body. Now an inside leg kick from him and Dollaway with a body kick of his own.

Jab for Bisping and a counter strike from Dollaway in return. Bisping picking his shots on the outside and Dollaway has to block a head kick attempt.

Dollaway in on a takedown attempt, but Bisping stuffs it comfortably and moves away. Bisping doubles up on the jab and then lands a nice right hand behind it.

Bisping almost knocking Dollaway off-balance after catching a kick. Dollaway with a leg kick. Nice right hand from Bisping and Dollaway loads up on a big counter that doesn’t land.

Bisping with a leg kick. Dollaway steps in and rocks Bisping’s head back with a punch. Head kick attempt from Bisping, but it’s blocked. Leg kick from Bisping now. Now a spinning kick aimed at the body from Bisping that misses and Dollaway lands a solid kick.

Left hand connects for Bisping, but then Dollaway gets dropped by a big hook from Dollaway. Bisping seems ok though and is ready to defend from his back as Dollaway wades forward. Dollaway trying to land some blows, but nothing too damaging as he stands over his opponent and Bisping has survived for now and gets back to his feet.

Dollaway tags him with a good shot again, but Bisping looks ready to return fire and lands a nice combination of punches and a head kick attempt as the round comes to a close to show he’s still in the fight.

Round Two

Kick from Bisping to start the second. Bisping comes in with a nice combo of punches and he has to be real careful of Dollaway’s big counter hook.

Another exchange in close with Bisping landing cleanly. Again they go in with Bisping landing solid with a right and Dollaway partially with a counter.

Bisping in on a flying knee to the body. Dollaway with a punch to set up a takedown. He’s trying hard for it, but Bisping stuffs it well.

Bisping tries a front kick to the head that doesn’t connect. He lands a right hand of the jab. Big spinning kick to the body from Bisping, but Dollaway isn’t impressed.

Body kick from Bisping. He lands a right hand. Body kick and a punch clobbers Dollaway behind the ear and it seems to have stunned him a little. He backs up and Bisping pushes forward. Dollaway fires back with a punch to show he’s still ok.

Bisping in with another combo, but he eats that counter left hook. Bisping with a spinning head kick that Dollaway is able to move away from. Dollaway in on a takedown attempt and initially Bisping stuffs it, but then is taken down at the second attempt just as the round is coming to a close.

Round Three:

Dollaway with a left hook to start. Bisping with two kicks high to the body. Punches from Bisping followed by a head kick that’s blocked.

Dollaway moves in and gets a takedown with most of the round to work from the position. Bisping manages to stand and get out of danger though.

Bisping with a leg kick. Left hook lands for Dollaway very nicely. Bisping connects now. Another flurry from the Brit.

Leg kick and a solid right hand from ‘The Count’. Bisping fakes a kick and gets grazed by the left hook. Bisping with a hook of his own. Bisping the busier of the two, but while it’s becoming a bit predictable, Dollaway’s big counter left hook is still a real concern for him as he moves in.

Lovely combination from Bisping, piecing together punches and kicks. An exchange and Dollaway stumbles awkwardly to the mat but is straight back up and presses forward with offense that backs his opponent up.

Dollaway winging his strikes a bit as he tires and Bisping ducks underneath a hook he clearly sees coming. Bisping connects with the right hand. Dollaway barrels in on a takedown attempt and Bisping defends it against the cage. Dollaway goes to his knees and Bisping clips him with a punch and then starts to land some nice ground and pound.

Dollaway manages to work back to his feet. Bisping still working hard in the final seconds of the round with his striking and the two embrace as the fight comes to a close.


Closely fought fight then, but while Dollaway had some big moments, the UK fighter was the busier of the two and for the most part outstruck his opponent, and that’s reflected in the final unanimous decision verdict (29-28 x3).

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