Michael Chiesa Defeats Al Iaquinta To Become The Next ‘Ultimate Fighter’

Michael Chiesa produced a feel-good end the current season of TUF: Live as he rebounded from the loss of his father early in the season to make it to the final where a submission victory over Al Iaquinta led to him becoming the next ‘Ultimate Fighter’ .

Iaquinta looked confident in the opening striking exchanges and also caught a couple of Chiesa’s kicks. That led to Chiesa closing the distance and securing a body lock and moving to take his back.

Iaquinta tried to break free, but Chiesa had him secure and after a struggle was able to drag him down to the mat and secured his hooks.

Then he looked for the choke, and at first Iaquinta was able to keep him at bay, but not for long as he finally slipped his arm under his neck and began to apply pressure.

Escape looked very unlikely for Iaquinta but with so much at stake he was trying to hang on, and did so until he passed out and the referee stepped in to stop the fight and award Chiesa the victory.

Chiesa then got up of the floor and walked around the Octagon almost in a daze before what he’d just achieved sunk in and he started celebrating.

You can’t help but feel pleased for Chiesa who seemed like an underdog several times in this season, but always found a way to win and tonight did so in fine fashion against a tough opponent in Iaquinta.

As the winner of the show he’ll now enjoy a six-figure contract with the UFC, a three-fight endorsement deal with TapOut and a brand-new Harley Davidson motorcycle.


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