Former TUF winner Micheal Chiesa claimed one of his biggest wins to date tonight at UFC Fight Night 80 as he tapped out Jim Miller with a second round rear-naked choke.

Round One:

Combination from Chiesa to start. Miller lands with a nice counter as they look to engage again.

Miller pressing forward and lands a good kick. Chiesa into the clinch and brings Miller down comfortably from the body lock. Nicely done.

Chiesa in half guard looking to control position for now. He grinds his elbow into Miller’s face. chiesa stands up for a moment and then comes back down landing elbows. Miller fights him off and Chiesa stands over him then comes down again.

Miller with a leg lock attempt. They scramble and Miller ends up on top in Chiesa’s full guard. Chiesa trying for a triangle, but Miller defends. Miller gets Chiesa’s back now and locks his legs in around his body.

A little over a minute to go in the round and Miller patiently just landing a few light punches, softening him up and waiting for an opportunity to potentially sink in the rear-naked choke.

Chiesa defending solidly for now and makes it safely to the end of the round.

Round Two:

Miller with a low leg kick. Chiesa misses as he steps in with a hook. Miller lands a left hook of his own as they step in again.

Miller loading up a bit on some of these strikes as they exchange, then Chiesa scores a good takedown. He’s in full guard for now and lands a nice elbow to the head. Miller working his legs up and lands a good elbow from the bottom too.

Chiesa postures up then works to half guard after scrambling out of a leg lock attempt. Chiesa bleeding from a cut that opened up as a result of the earlier elbow.

Miller scrambling for another leg lock. They roll across the Octagon as they battle in this submission attempt. Chiesa gets in a position to land some punches to the head and that seems to hurt Miller.

Chiesa takes advantage, getting free of the knee bar attempt and looks to mount, settling for taking Miller’s back instead. Miller’s definitely dazed and just covers up. Chiesa sinks in the rear-naked choke and it’s tight…Miller’s tapped, Chiesa has won by submission at 2.57mins of round two.

Miller is a true veteran and well respected on the mat, so that’s a big feather in Chiesa’s cap to have submitted him.