Former Invicta FC atomweight champion Michelle Waterson made an impressive start to her UFC strawweight career tonight as she dominanted Angela Magana on the feet and the mat at TUF 21 Finale before producing a third round submission finish.

Round One:

Magana with an early leg kick and pushes into the clinch against the cage. A knee and a few punches from Magana. Waterson away from the cage momentarily, but Magana lands a knee and pushes her back.

Suddenly Waterson lands a beautiful throw and is now on top in Magan’s half guard. Magana gets her bac kto her full guard though. Magana trying to wall walk and then tries for an armbar attempt. Waterson defending though and steps over. Magana still cranking on this and going for the finish. Waterson hanging tough with over 90 seconds to go in the round.

Magana refusing to let go of this attempt, but Waterson manages to escape and stands, landing a knee as Magana follows her up. Now waterson staying in the clinch and lands another nice throw.

Waterson swiftly moves into mount. Final 20 seconds of the round and now it’s Waterson who’s trying for an armbar. Fun action here. Magana defending and Waterson lets it go and goes back to full mount as the round ends.

Round Two:

Kicks from Waterson to start. Lands a right now and a push kick. Waterson really putting it together at striking range, landing a good body kick. She dumps Magana to the mat but doesn’t follow her down.

Overhand from Waterson. She’s mixing things up nicely. Another good right hand and kick. She clinches up and scores with two knees to the midsection before breaking away.

Magana catches a kick and uses it to take Waterson to the mat, going into her full guard. Waterson uses the cage to move and works for an armbar. Three minutes remaining and Waterson shifts to mount.

Waterson postures up momentarily and lands a punch. Magana tries to buck her off unsuccessfully. Waterson with an elbow strike to the head with two minutes to go in the round.

All Waterson in this round so far. Magana manages to shift her back to half guard though. Waterson looks to land elbows. Magana threatens with a heel hook, but Waterson stays calm and shifts away from it before getting bac kon top.

Waterson straight into mount again. A few punches and an elbow from the former Invicta champion. She goes for belly down armbar again, but it doesn’t look like she has it and the round ends. Magana with some bleeding from a cut to the very top of her nose.

Round Three:

Stiff jab from Waterson and a push kick. Magana with a body kick. Waterson with a nice left and a high kick too. Magana down to the mat, but Waterson doesn’t follow her and so she has to stand.

Waterson with a powerful push kick. Magana lands a leg kick. Waterson clearly energized though, while Magana looks a bit labored out there.

Waterson into the clinch and shifts around to her back and lands a good takedown. Waterson takes Magana’s back and has her flattened out. Half the round to go and Waterson’s softening her up with a few punches while looking to slip in the choke.

The choke is in and that’s it, Magana taps out and Waterson caps off an impressive performance with a submission finish. Nicely done from ‘The Karate Hottie!’

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