Mickey Gall

Mickey Gall made short work of CM Punk tonight at UFC 203 as expected, taking him to the mat almost instantly and controlling him on the ground until the inevitable submission came mid-way through the first round.

Round One:

CM Punk rushes out at the opening bell looking to land a punch, but that’s a huge mistake as Gall just ducks in and lands an early takedown.

Gall landing hard ground and pound. He moves to side control easily now. Gall in complete control as he gets to mount and then takes Punk’s back.

This is one way traffic with only 1.30mins of the fight gone. Gall looks for a rear-naked choke, but Punk gets free of that for now. Unfortunately Gall immediately starts blasting away with ground and pound.

With Punk softened up Gall goes back to the choke and he’s got it sunk in this time. Punk is just completely out of his depth here and he’s forced to tap out at 2.14mins of the first round.

That went just about as bad as it possibly could for the former WWE superstar, who wasn’t able to mount any offense or show what he’d been training over the past couple of years as he was just completely overwhelmed by the younger, more skilled fighter.

Despite the humiliating loss, Punk vowed to keep fighting and claimed this was still the second best night of his life.