Miesha Tate pose

In the wake of the UFC’s announcement that woman’s bantamweight champion Miesha Tate will fight Amanda Nunes at UFC 200 in July, Holly Holm’s manager Lenny Fresquez accused her of deliberately avoiding a rematch.

“Holly was offered to [Tate] and she chose Nunes,” Fresquez told The Albuquerque Journal. “She chose to take a weaker opponent.”

However, Tate has since denied that’s the case, and revealed that it was the UFC who pushed for her to fight Nunes instead.

“They were like, ‘Look, you just beat Holly. You finished her,'” Tate told MMAjunkie.com. “They didn’t feel that it was necessary to have an immediate rematch; it didn’t warrant an immediate rematch. It wasn’t one of those performances or such a crazy fight that we’ve got to have an immediate rematch.

“It was kind of like, ‘Let’s open up the division – we’d like you to fight Amanda.’”

Fresquez had also claimed that Tate hadn’t “returned the favor” after Holm granted her a shot at the title at UFC 196 rather than wait for a more lucrative rematch with Ronda Rousey.

Tate doesn’t see it that way though, and claims she has proof that Holm’s team were only looking out for her best interests at the time.

“I was told by the UFC that her management walked in there and told them that I was going to be a tuneup fight,” Tate said. “That is word-for-word what I was told.

“They didn’t do it as a favor to me. It’s not like they were, ‘You know, we really want to do this for Miesha, we’ll just give her a chance.’ No, they gave themselves a chance to have a big payday and remain the champion, and they thought I was going to be an easy fight, and it backfired.”


  1. Tate knows she can’t beat Rousey so of course she’s going to avoid her as long as possible.

  2. what an ungrateful whore miesha tate is . Holly holm granted you a fight when she didnt have to and you dont return the favor because you are scared of losing? I hope Amanda Nunes feasts on your face dispicable

  3. Tate is a flat out lying whore. What I find funny is she boasting that she finish Holly. Yea she did by luck. She didn’t run her mouth when Rhonda finished her not once but twice and still bitched for another title shot. Tate like her boyfriend are scumbags. The fit with Dana quite well

  4. OMG–do I have to root for Honda in Tate vs. Honda 3?? Never thought I would live to see the day–Two Face Tate had me fooled-and probably Holly Holm also. If Holly Holm did not want to give her the shot she and the boy blunder would have been history in the UFC. No good deed ever goes unpunished. No worries for Holly Holm fans–sometime, someplace, Tate and Honda will have to face Holly Holm. I am sure she will get another fight this year–I am sorry to say the next opponent Don Dana Douchebag picks for her she will have to fight. But my thought is the same as Lenny Fresquez’, Holly’s promoter, I feel sorry for the next girl she fights; I will not feel sorry for Miesha; Tate better watch what she says-even Honda is keeping her big mouth shut.

  5. It seems what Rousey was saying about Tate is true. Tate makes it sound like she was winning the fight. She is dillusional. I think Dana told her to pick a opponent but not Holm. Holm wasn’t going to tap like Tate did against Rousey. Tate has turned out to be a big cunt. Plain and simple

  6. I am SO glad to hear that I am not the only UFC fan that feels this way. I have a profound level of respect for all of the UFC fighters. It’s a special type of competitor who is willing to step into the Octagon without a suit of armor and potentially take (or give) the pounding that alot of these men and women experience.

    I respect even MORE the quiet warriors – the ones who have an almost military approach to what is otherwise an ugly business. They go in, do their job, and get out. Holly Holm is one of those warriors and I USED to think that Miesha Tate was as well. Clearly elite in their fields and humble warriors. Miesha Tate’s behavior in the past few weeks has changed that dramatically.

    1. Holm GRANTED Tate a title shot. If we believe what has been said about this fight (Holm/Tate), then here is what happened. Holm and her team wanted another fight. White and his team said – we’d rather you not because of the money involved for Rousey/Holm II. Holm said – no – find me a fight. UFC answered with Miesha Tate. Not sure if any other names were kicked around, but that’s what they came up with. The takeaway – evidently a UFC champion CAN override the will of the UFC brass if they’re determined enough to do it. Miesha COULD have chose to fight Holly Holm and COULD have honored her with a rematch if she had CHOSEN to do so. Miesha Tate CHOSE the fight with Nunes, she could have said I want Holm and the UFC would eventually have had to comply.

    2. I reject the argument that “it was listed as a tune-up fight…” to justify NOT granting a rematch. Who cares? In many of the articles on this Tate has said that she’s not underestimating Nunes because on any given day. So that tells me something of Tate’s thinking on fights. I’m almost 100% certain that the Nunes fight (sorry to the Nunes fans out there) was billed and has been put together as a placeholder fight to ensure that there’s not a repeat of UFC 196. But let’s say that it was, that Holm/Tate was a tune-up? Who cares? A tune-up shot at the title was way more than anything Tate had gotten from Dana White and Rousey prior. Again if Holm’s people made the fight and Holm is in charge of who she fights, then Holm agreed to or chose to fight Tate. Who cares why? Tate got a shot and to her credit made the most of it. For her to come back now and minimize the opportunity that Holm gave her is a slap in the face to Holm for having the courage and spirit to fight the best. It’s one of the reasons that I think that Holm was an honorable champion and a true warrior. Tate is revealing herself to be anything but.

    3. Let’s be honest here – if I read one more article about how Tate “…finished Holly” I may need to be put into a RNC myself. It is very curious to me how a fight, that was uniformly acknowledged as one of the best fights in the UFC in recent bouts, has now become a Miesha Tate domination of Holly Holm. Particularly when Tate’s people seem to be rewriting history. I think we can all agree that it was likely that if not for the RNC in the 5th, Holm would still be the champ. But this idea that Tate has put out there that well – I beat her, I finished her so she doesn’t need a rematch seems odd from her. Wasn’t Tate’s tag line prior to Holm/Rousey that “I’m the only fighter to have lasted 3 rounds with Rousey and hold my own”. And if my memory serves, she lost that fight, by submission – armbar if I’m not mistaken. Now I’m not an UFC expert but my understanding is that getting armbar-ed into submission qualifies as “being finished”. That didn’t seem to stop Miesha Tate from demanding Tate/Rousey III. So what’s the difference. Holly Holm made it 5 rounds, was by the score cards at least, winning the fight, and but for the RNC in the 5th, would likely have won. Finished – yes; dominated hell no. So this notion that Tate has been putting out there that Holm is undeserving of a title shot rings hollow from Tate who demanded rematch over and over again after being finished in a not so even match up with Rousey.

    4. I am starting to wonder, not ready to join the Rousey bandwagon, if Ronda was seeing things in Tate that the rest of us weren’t. It sure seems like power didn’t take long to corrupt Tate at all. Frankly, I am amazed that Holm hasn’t come unhinged but then again I’m not – because this is the spirit of a quiet warrior. I do think that Tate is revealing herself as a smug, arrogant champion and apparently of no better character than Ms. Rousey who she frequently bashed in various venues. I think that Tate is frankly coming off as a jerk and does need to consider perhaps refining her public explanation of her decision to not fight Holm. The explanation of “opening up the division and giving other deserving fighters a chance” is the most reasonable and least arrogant explanation that she’s given. She’d still get tagged for ducking Holm (or Kaufmann, or others for that matter) but at least it’d be a cleaner answer than “Holm doesn’t deserve it”.

    5. Finally – I think – I want to be clear about something. Whenever you write something like this that favors one fighter who should have gotten a fight over another who did, it comes off like you’re bashing the one that got the fight. Nunes is an amazing fighter. To quote Ron Burgundy – “she’s terrifying”. I watched her knock off McMann last summer. I would love to see Miesha go one and done given her attitude towards Holm and then watch Nunes deny her a rematch as Tate did to Holm. However, I can’t deny that as good as Nunes is, Tate is formidable. Should be a good fight either way, just not the right fight for the right reason at the right time.

  7. I concur 100% with all you just said. I was very disappointed in Tate and her piss poor explanations on why she took Nunes. She took the easier fight for sure. Everyone in the top slots with the exception of Holm and Nunes have fought and beat Tate…..convincingly. Holm wanted to fight and she lost but she at least took the risk and although she lost she is the better woman, and in my opinion the best striker in the bantamweight class.

    Not a big fan of Nunes but I am rooting for her now lol….

  8. I have to agree with that. Just read another article this afternoon about this where Miesha seems to be doubling down on the idea that she dominated Holm. She had stated that “she needs to get another win under her belt, then maybe a rematch”. I need to dig back through some of the Tate/Rousey back and forth after her second loss to her. I’m almost entirely certain that Ms. Rousey said similar things to Ms. Tate after her last loss. I mean one has to ask – why Tate feels the need to make her point in this way. If she simply said – I want to open the division up – period, end of story, no one could complain. It’s these little shots at Holly that seem to be putting me over the edge.

    Again, I can’t take anything away from Tate – she did what she needed to do. But what Miesha is now showing is the difference between a true champion and someone who won a fight for a gold belt.

  9. Yes! She absolutely did the same thing! Think I saw an interview on ESPN after UFC 168…Ronda said she was a company woman and she’d fight whoever was next. When they asked who was next she definitely did NOT mention rematching Tate.

    Tate said that she was supposed to be up to fight Ronda at 193….and they skipped her and gave the fight to Holly. She said she found that out via Twitter. That is why it is so sad that all of her standards went right out the window as soon as she got that belt ( I hope it’s real gold). She knows better than anyone what it is like to be on the receiving end of the UFC’s often shady tactics when it comes to playing faves and skipping over deserving fighters.

    Yes you are right she knows she would have lost that fight with Holly besides that second round and finishing her in the fifth round. Now all of a sudden she was winning from the start.

    She has been a trooper but she is a fool for buying in to the bs now that she has the title. She needs to wise up and realize the only reason they want to keep her as champ is so Rousey can come back and beat her again lol!!

    But Nunes has gotten better and better….Will be interesting to see:)