Miguel Baeza Submits Takashi Sato With Arm Triangle At UFC On ESPN 18

Miguel Baeza was gradually getting the better of a hesitant Takashi Sato on the feet tonight at UFC On ESPN 18, until he then opted to take the fight to the mat and soon after produced an arm triangle choke submission.

Round One:

Sato taking the center of the Octagon here as Baeza circles on the outside. Sato with a couple of punches, but the first minute passes without much activity.

Body kick for Baeza. Sato trying to pressure, but not throwing anything. Another body kick lands for Baeza. He lands a clean punch too.

Head kick attempt from Baeza. He works one to the leg now. Right hand too. Sato land a punch to the body. Baeza with oblique kicks.

They clinch up and Baeza is pressing Sato up against the cage. He lands a knee but it lands to the groin and forces a stoppage.

Baeza goes back to the body kick. Fast left hand for Sato. Low kick from Sato. Baeza with a clinch attempt and a knee in there. Now a big punch scores too.

Baeza lands a leg kick. Sato throws out the left hand. Head kick attempt from Baeza. Baeza slips on a kick, but Sato can’t capitalize before the round ends.

Round Two:

Body kick from Baeza. Right hand for Sato, but eats a punch in return at the same time. Two right hands for Baeza.

Again Baeza dips in and lands a right hand. Sato scores with a left and almost slips with the momentum from that.

Left hand for Sato. Nice right hand for Baeza. Baeza with a leg kick. Sato lands a body kick. Now Baeza with another kick of his own.

Baeza goes for his first takedown of the fight and sticks it. He’s working ground and pound and is softening up Sato with this work.

Baeza looking to set up an arm triangle choke here and he steps off to the side and has it locked up nice and tight. Sato attempting to find some space, but it’s in too deep and he has to tap out moments later. Nice change up from Baeza to take the fight to the mat and it earns him a submission victory at 4.28mins of the second round.

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