In recent days a rumor stemming from a popular gossip site claimed that UFC commentator Mike Goldberg was absent from UFC 155 as he was in rehab due to an addiction to Adderal, but Goldberg has now categorically denied that’s the case.

“Those rumors out there are not true,” Goldberg tells “I’m dealing with a complicated health issue but feeling better and hoping to be back to 100 percent by Jan. 26 (UFC on FOX 6 in Chicago). See you soon.”

While Goldberg didn’t address the exact nature of the issue himself, other sources informed reporter Ariel Helwani that the already asthmatic commentator had suffered an upper respiratory infection back in October, and when the drugs used to combat that problem conflicted with his existing asthma medication it produced severe side-effects that left him unable to do his job.

The good news is that Goldberg is currently being treated and is on his way back to full health so he should be back in the broadcast booth before the end of the month if all goes well.