Mike Jackson Defeats CM Punk By Unanimous Decision At UFC 225

Mike Jackson handed CM Punk the second loss of his MMA career tonight at UFC 225 with a decisive unanimous decision victory.

Round One:

Punk tries for a leg kick and misses. He lands a leg kick on the second attempt. Jackson with a right hand. Good right hand connects for Punk and then he presses into the clinch against the cage.

Big chants for Punk as he works against the cage. Jackson reverses the position though, but not for long before they separate.

Punk with a leg kick that looks a little awkward. Jackson landing a couple of punches. Punk back into the clinch against the cage again. Clunky, cumbersome skill-sets on show so far, but it’s better than the two fighters previous outings in the Octagon.

Jackson able to reverse the clinch again and spends some time there. Punk tries for a takedown. he doesn’t land it but heads across the Octagon and presses Jackson to the cage on the othe side.

Jackson reverses the position and soon after goes to striking range. Punk trying to work kicks but he doesn’t look like he has sound technique here. Jackson is a bit more crisp with his striking and lands punches.

Punk in on a takedown and he manages to land it. Big moment for him, but it’s not long before Jackson manages to work back to his feet. Jackson lands a couple of hard punches to the body and Punk looks a bit winded. Elbow lands for Jackson too before the round ends.

Round Two:

Left hand lands for Punk. He feels out with a front kick. Jackson picking a few punches out from range. Punk into the clinch against the cage and again Jackson reverses it as he’s done most of the fight so far.

Backing out to striking range. Jackson looking to land punches, but Punk comes forward with a flurry of punches.

Jackson lands a punch and Punk looks rocked. He hangs tough though and keeps going. He hops onto Jackson and eventually manages to pull guard.

Jackson staying in Punk’s guard and lands some punches. Jackson showboating to some extent as he drops down punches to the body and head. Punk bleeding from cuts to his face.

Punk trying to throw up his legs for a submission, but it’s sloppy and doesn’t trouble Jackson. Jackson continues to work ground and pound for the rest of the round. This all feels painfully amateurish for a UFC bout.

Round Three:

One-two for Punk. He comes swinging again but Jackson lands a jab. Punk gets into the clinch and drives for the cage. Jackson reverses.

Jackson back to striking just looking to pick his shots. He clips Punk whose legs wobble. Punk flops to his back. He’s not got a lot left in the tank. Jackson not going hard for the finish though.

Punk back to his feet. He gets caught again. He’s exhausted and Jackson is taking this all in his stride. In against the cage, Punk rolls for a kneebar but fails and Jackson settles in on top.

Punk has nothing to offer here and is completely spent, allowing Jackson to cruise through the final round.


no doubt about the winner here, jackson didn’t go all out for a finish, but dominated the former pro-wrestling superstar CM Punk on the feet, clinch and mad to secure a unanimous decision victory (30-26 x3).

truth be told, neither fighter looked UFC class here, but Punk in particular had absolutely no business being in the Octagon and aside from grit and toughness offered little to suggest that there’s any point in continuing his career in MMA.

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