Mike Pyle delivered one of the best knockouts of the year so far against Josh Neer at ‘UFC on FX 3’, taking him out with a precision right hook with just four seconds of the first round to go.

Pyle didn’t wait long to secure his first takedown in this fight. Neer’s very crafty off his back though so Pyle didn’t get it all his own way on top and had to spend more time trying to maintain position and fend of a submission attempt rather than land the hard blows he was hoping for.

Eventually Neer managed to work his way back to his feet and then began to pour on the pressure in the stand-up department, backing him up against the cage and landing some body shots followed by sharp elbows.

Pyle didn’t look to be enjoying that too much and unfortunately for him there was more to come as Neer again went aggressively to the body with some really hurtful blows.

With the end of the round fast approaching Neer was piling on the pressure and looking good from a judging perspective, but then out of nowhere Pyle threw a lazer-guided right hook which blasted straight through Neer’s chin and sent him falling face first onto the canvas.

It was a clear KO and so Pyle resisted the urge to land any further blows before the fight was called with just four seconds of the round remaining.

This was as spectacular and definitive a finish as you could hope to see and surely wraps up the ‘Knockout Of The Night’ bonus in his favor.