Mike Rodríguez KO’s Marcin Prachnio Quickly At UFC On ESPN 15

Mike Rodriguez didn’t live up to his ‘Slow’ nickname tonight at UFC On ESPN 15 as he KO’d Marcin Prachnio in less than half-a-round.

Round One:

Prachnio with early leg kicks here. Rodriguez feeling out with the push kick. Inside leg kick and then one to the outside from Prachnio.

Again Prachnio lands a low outside leg kick. Now a left hand threatens to get through. He tries to go upstairs with a kick, but then Rodriguez steps into a knee upstairs. Prachnio Works into the clinch against the cage, but Rodriguez reverses the position and lands a big knee.

Prachnio reverses the position again though. Rodriguez returns the favor and lands another good knee upstairs. Now an elbow strike too.

Away from the cage now, but Rodriguez has the thai clinch here and connects hard with a big elbow that rocks Prachnio and sends him falling backwards to the canvas.

Rodriguez moves in for the kill and smashes him with two big left hands that KO Prachnio for the swift victory at 2.17mins of the first round!

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