Mike Trizano Defeats Joe Giannetti By Split Decision To Be Crowned TUF 27 Winner

Mike Trizano just edged out Joe Giannetti by split decision tonight in Las Vegas to be crowned a TUF 27 winner.

Round One:

Head kick attempt from Giannetti early in the round. Trizano misses with one of his own. leg kick for Trizano. Body kick for Giannetti.

Gianetti in on an early takedown and lands it. Trizano back up again. Giannetti continues to stay locked onto his opponent’s back though and continues to work for a second takedown. Giannetti pushes off the cage with his leg to bring Triazano to his knees again, but he stands back up.

Giannetti keeps working and midway through the round he lands another takedown. Giannetti tries for an inverted heel hook. trizano doing his best to defend it for now.

Giannetti keeps working for this submission. A minute of the round remaining. Giannetti thinks about a d’arce choke. Trizano goes back with a heel hook attempt of his own, but Giannetti is easily out of that and gets on top. Triazano works a triangle choke attempt in the final seconds of the round.

Round Two:

Leg kick for Trizano. The another. Both fighters trading leg kicks now. Giannetti looking for a takedown, but it’s Trizano who ends up on top.

trizano in half-guard. He patiently works to side control. He thinks about an americana submission and Giannetti is throwing his legs up looking for a submission of his own.

He gives up on that quickly, but works for a toehold instead. nothing doing there. Trizano sits in a reverse full mount and elbows away at his opponent’s upper-leg. Curious position here and not much happening.

Both fighters elbowing away at the back of each others legs. Giannetti throws his hands out in annoyance and that’s the way the round ends.

Round Three:

Leg kick apiece to start, but one goes stray to Giannetti’s groin and he needs time to recover.

Back to it they go. Head kick for Giannetti. leg kicks for Trizano. Body punch for Trizano. Switch kick for Giannetti. side kick attempt from Giannetti. Leg kicks for Trizano.

Body punches for Triazano. Body kick for Giannetti. Leg kick for Trizano. Another body kick for Giannetti. Two punches for Triazano.

Side kick to the body from Giannetti, leg kick for Trizano. Spinning head kick from Giannetti blocked. Body kick for Giannetti.

Right hand down the pipe from Trizano. Body kick for Giannetti. And again and another leg kick for Trizano.

Trizano marching forward, commanding the Octagon. Giannetti without the takedown threat he provided in the opening round now. Body kicks from Giannetti. Right hand for Trizano. Body punch from him. Giannetti is laughing and seems overly relaxed. Strange given that the fight likely all hinges on this round and that’s the final action.


The judges have rendered their decision and it’s Trizano who emerges with the split decision victory (29-28 x2, 28-29) to become the final winner of TUF 27.

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