MMA Stars Cashing-In With Fitness Equipment Endorsements

Mixed Martial Artists are known to be some of the fittest athletes around and some of the sport’s biggest stars are cashing in on that by endorsing some weird and wonderful fitness equipment as you’ll see below.

The grandaddy of this phenomenon is Bas Rutten who’s actually designed a series of fitness related products and training programs since his retirement from the sport.

Amongst them is the ‘Body Action System’, an alternative take on the standard punching bag that incorporates a number of specific targets to aim for, enabling you to work on all your punches more effectively.

In the video below he even brings in former MMA star Kimbo Slice to give the product a road test.

Bas Rutten: Body Action System

More recently Chael Sonnen has emerged backing a product called ‘Nexersys’ that seems to be an updated take on the same basic idea, this time adding in a computerized device to enhance the experience.

As you’ll see below the first video is pretty much infomercial 101, but the second is classic Sonnen. He also slipped in a plug for the product during a recent ‘Fight Camp’ interview with Matt Serra.

Chael Sonnen: Nexersys

Finally, a new product has also just emerged that’s endorsed by the UFC’s light-heavyweight No.1 contender Dan Henderson.

hendo’s pushing a device called the ‘Jam Gym’ made by the creator of the ‘Bowflex’ which wedges into your door frame and allows you to do a whole host of exercises including one cheekily titled ‘the Bis-Bang’.

Dan Henderson: Jam Gym

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