Montana De La Rosa Defeats Mara Romero Borella By Decision At UFC Fight Night 167

Montana De La Rosa outgrappled Mara Romero Borella to earn a unanimous decision victory tonight at UFC Fight Night 167.

Round One:

De La Rosa lands an early strike. She looks for a flurry, but Borella counters with a takedown.

De La Rosa soon back up to her feet and now she’s going for a takedown and lands it briefly, but then Borella scrambles and is close to getting on top now. De La Rosa landing short elbows to the head though. Borella strill working to get on top from this stalemate position.

Now Borella improves her position and takes De La Rosa’s back as she turtles up on her knees.

Nice work from De La Rosa to escape that position and work to her feet and immediately start looking for a takedown of her own, which she’s able to land.

Borella stands up, but De La Rosa latches on to her back as she does so. Not too much action here, but De La Rosa staying heavy on her. Borella tries to counter by landing elbows to her thigh and so De La Rosa hops off and presses her to the cage in the final seconds of the round.

Round Two:

Body kick from De La Rosa to start the second round. Nice straight right from Borella. A couple of punches from De La Rosa and Borella lands a counter punch.

Flurry from Borella now, but most of those miss. De La Rosa working for a takedown, gets her opponent’s back and gets her down. Borella turtling up. De La Rosa rolls back now working a potential rear-naked choke attempt.

Nothing doing for now, but she’s still trying to set up the choke. Punches from De La Rosa as she continues trying to soften up Borella.

Borella back on her knees again, but just can’t get De La Rosa off of her back and starts to eat punches as the round comes to a close.

Round Three:

Uppercut for De La Rosa. Glancing blows for Borella. An inside leg kick for her. Punch lands for Borella.

Jab for De La Rosa. Right hand connects for her. Now a left. Right hand gets through for Borella, but De La Rosa counters with an overhand and it staggers her to the mat!

De La Rosa gets on top in Borella’s full guard. Elbows to the body from her as she works her way towards half guard.

Now De La Rosa is working on an arm triangle and is trying to pass to side control. She won’t get that, but she does end the round on top.


Good grappling performance from De La Rosa then and even scored a late knockdown on her way to a unanimous decision victory (30-27 x3).

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