Montana De La Rosa TKO’s Ariane Lipski In 2nd Round At UFC Fight Night 189

Strong performance from Montana De La Rosa tonight as she used her wrestling to get Ariana Lipski to the mat in both the first and second round, and then made her pay with nasty ground and pound to secure a bloody TKO victory.

Round One:

De La Rosa feels out with the jab and then attempts a head kick that’s blocked. Lipski goes to the body with a punch.

Lipski with a good right hand. Overhand from De La Rosa as she tries to clinch up, but Lipski catches her with a nice counter.

Both ladies throw hard at the same time, but both miss. Lipski comes up short with a combination and De La Rosa catches her with a counter punch.

Body punches from Lipski. Front kick attempt from De La Rosa and then closes in and gets the body lock and brings her down.

De La Rosa in Lipski’s half-guard here with plenty of time to work. She lands a couple of knees to the body.

Lipski brings her back to full guard. Body-head combos from De La Rosa. Slicing elbow from the bottom from Lipski.

De La Rosa bleeding now, but she drops down a solid elbow of her own and that too may have opened up a significant cut to Lipski’s left eyebrow, which starts to bleed and also leaves a sizeable contusion. A few more strikes land from De La Rosa to close out the round.

Round Two:

Lipski starts off the round with strikes. Another punch lands, but then De La Rosa wisely brings her back down to the mat.

Lipski landing elbows from her back. De La Rosa settling into her guard and lands a few ground and pound blows. De La Rosa trying to pass and Lipski counters with a potential leg lock. De La Rosa not phased though and moves to side control.

De La Rosa appears to have opened up another cut to the head with her ground and pound. A few more strikes land and Lipski is wiping at the blood around her right eye now, while getting De La Rosa back to half-guard.

De La Rosa looking to pass to side control as she postures up and lands a few more punches, then nicely transitions to full mount.

De La Rosa steps up a gear and starts blasting Lipski with hard punches and elbows. Sustained assault here and that convinces the ref to end the fight and hand De La Rosa a well earned TKO victory at 4.27mins of the second round.

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