Nate Diaz shocked the world tonight at UFC 196 by submitting Conor McGregor with a rear-naked choke after rocking him on the feet earlier in the second round

Round One:

The main event of the evening is underway. McGregor switching stances quickly. Right hand lands for McGregor.

Oblique kick for McGrego. Now a punch. He tries a spinning kick that misses, then they clinch and Diaz presses the Irishman up against the cage.

McGregor gets away. Jab for Diaz as McGregor tries to tee off. McGregor steps into a nice left hand.

Diaz feeling out with the rangey jab. Hard overhand left for McGregor. McGregor’s head movement helps him avoid that Diaz jab.

This time Diaz does land the right. Leg kick for McGregor. Hook for Diaz. Spinning kick just misses Diaz’s head. McGregor lands a punch.

Left and right for Diaz. Uppercut for McGregor. Leg kick for Diaz. Short exchange inside.

Left hook lands for McGregor, but Diaz also gets through with a right. Diaz has a cut to the right side of his head.

Body kick for Diaz. Solid left hand for mcGregor. Jab for Diaz. A couple of hard lefts for McGregor.

Body kick attempt for McGregor is caught by Diaz and he looks to take McGregor down. They scramble and McGregor is on top, but Diaz is happy working from his back and trying to work for a submission. McGregor staying down for now though and stays on top until the end of the round.

Round Two:

Spinning kick to the body for McGregor. Now he targets the body with a punch. Diaz does likewise. Another spinning kick for McGregor, but misses this time.

Both men look to land a left, but McGregor’s lands harder. They exchange in close and McGregor lands another nice punch.

Diaz clinches and presses McGregor against the cage. McGregor moves out and then unleashes a combo. Diaz’s right eye is covered in blood again.

Left hand to the body for McGregor. Left hook for McGregor, but Diaz is returning fire. Diaz with a nice one-two.

Right hand gets through for Diaz. Brief clinch for McGregor. Four-piece combo in close from McGregor.

Diaz lands hard to McGregor’s chin twice and he was hurt by that and his output slows down in a hurry. Diaz continues landing and the spring has gone right out of the Irishman’s step.

Diaz Hustling McGregor in close with more punches. McGregor’s in real trouble here! He’s trying to shake it off, but he’s in survival mode. He desperately shoots for a takedown, but doesn’t land it and Diaz ends up in mount.

Diaz on McGregor’s back now and he’s going for the rear-naked choke. The already dazed McGregor is unable to defend and that’s it, he’s tapped!! Diaz has just produced an enormous upset!

Wow! Amazing stuff from Diaz and that puts a huge spanner in the works for the UFC ahead of their 200th PPV event on a night when Holly Holm was also dethroned by Miesha Tate. What a crazy sport this is.

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