Nate Landwehr Submits Ludovit Klein At UFC Fight Night 195

Nate Landwehr was a significant underdog tonight against Ludovit Klein at UFC Fight Night 195, but as the fight went on he turned up the heat and started to get the better of several exchanges, before eventually getting his opponent to the mat and tapping him out in the final five minutes.

Round One:

Inside leg kick from Klein. Low kicks from Landwehr in response. Solid body kick from Klein that’s almost caught. Another leg kick from Landwehr.

One-two for Klein. High kick attempt from Klein and a front kick from Landwehr that just comes up short.

Landwehr with a body kick. Now one from Klein. Now a solid straight left from him. A knee in there too and Landwehr attempts to clinch up, but it’s Klein who starts to walk him over to the cage. Landwehr turns into him though and presses him against the cage.

They jockey for position against the cage. Landwehr lands a knee to the body as they break free. Body kick from him too now.

Low inside kick from Klein. Now punches upstairs and Landwehr catches him with a right hand counter.

Body kick from Klein. Right hand lands for Landwehr. Now a leg kick. Right hook, left straight from Klein.

Another body kick for Klein. Inside leg kick for Landwehr. Left hand gets through for Landwehr as he marches forward and goes into the clinch.

Landwehr stepping up the pace in the final seconds of the round as he throws heavy leather and a big knee against the cage.

Round Two:

Inside leg kick for Landwehr. Heavy one-two from Klein, then a high kick and more punches behind it. Landwehr gets away and then presses Klein into the cage from the clinch. Short elbow from Klein.

A few knees to the thigh from Landwehr, but then Klein turns into him. Landwehr reverses position, lands a few knees and then a spinning backfist as they break free.

Klein with a heavy flurry from the center of the Octagon. Jab for Landwehr. Klein throwing hard again, but Landwehr also looks to trade and those were some hurtful blows.

Now Landwehr is looking for a possible takedown and Klein is putting a hand down on the mat. Landwehr eventually starts to sink down to the mat working on a potential submission, but Klein stays patient then escapes and gets back to his feet.

Leg kick for Klein and then a head kick that just grazes over the target. Landwehr looks for a right hand, Klein with a spinning backfist.

Landwehr staying offensive though and a hard right seems to trouble Klein, who looks a little dazed. Landwehr marching forward again, but at close range Klein does land with a short spinning backfist.

Landwehr stays in close though and lands several more blows before the round ends.

Round Three:

Leg kicks for Landwehr. Snapping jab from Klein. Inside leg kicks from Landwehr. Head kick attempt from Landwehr is blocked. Front kick to hte body from Klein.

left hand from Klein. Inside leg kick from Landwehr. Left hand for Klein. One-two from Landwehr. Klein throwing back, but Landwehr is willing to trade.

Now it’s Klein who is attempting a takedown, but Landwehr is able to stuff it and then starts to set up an anaconda choke. Klein unable to get out and has to tap out at 2.22mins of the final round, handing Landwehr a big underdog victory.

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